Quick NaNoWriMo 2015 Spreadsheet Post!


Happy NaNo, Audience!


I have about 10 minutes until go time for my region, so I guess you could say this is darn near last minute, but I really wanted to slap together a Pre-NaNo blog advertising my #DORG Spreadsheet for 2015! I warred with the thought for a few hours, but given that there are a few changes from my norm of previous years, I figured you all deserved a good ole head’s up!

I’ve redoubled my #DORG goal, making it the seemingly impossible finish line of 100K in 24 25 hours (Thank you Ben Franklin!). So, without further procrastination, wish me luck!

For those who would like to follow along with me, I’ll slap a redirect to my Spreadsheet beloooooooow.

2015 #100KKillmenow Spreadsheet

Good luck, fellow NaNoians! May the words do the typey typey thing from the fingers to the screen!



Audience! Audience!!!


Yes, yessss! Once again, the summer fun that is Camp NaNoWriMo graces us writer hopefuls with its presence once more!

A few posts back, I spoke of the bomb.com Cabin I had back in April, and how we all decided to reconvene in July for another summer writing spectacular!

Well, I’m pleased and stupidly excited to announce that I just got the cabin invite today!

I mean, sure, I don’t really know what I’m going to write… or what my wordcount goal will be… or if I’ll even do as well as I did in April, but… uh… I kinda lost myself there. ;-;


Uh, anyway… I’m suuuure I’ll FAIL MISERABLY do fine. It just takes a little spit, a lotta elbow grease, and some extreme willpower to not play vidyagames for three weeks straight. Easy stuff, right?

Plus, I have the backing of several NaNo OAers, which I have not been sparse in lamenting how they push you to do insane things. Example: I’m planning on a #50kday for the first. But don’t bet on it. I’m not sure how motivated I am yet. 😛

Needless to say, I’m pretty ready for Camp this year. I’ve spent my off-season writing pretty much non-stop on My Wattpad, participating in little contests here and there, so my writing muscles are thoroughly stretched and limbered up for the long haul. I’m having good feelings about July. 🙂

Are any of you braving the waters of summer noveling fun this coming month? Do you have better planning skills than I do? Are you as hopelessly lost as me?

If you are… well, no one can say we’re aren’t spontaneous. 😛

I hope you all have a blast this July, Audience.

Happy writing!



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I confused people with the mock mock cover for NightSong, so…



That is all.

#31. Birthday Post!: Ryker’s Story Gets a Name! To the Watt-Cave!


Good day, Audience!

I first want to say, happy birthday to…


Yes, it is indeed my birthday! And on this most glorious day, I choose to update you all, my lovely readers, on some much awaited goings-on!

(but first, look at this picture of Odin in my birthday hat)

(and his evil form of payback D:)

Anyways, enough about me! I bring good tidings regarding the story of Ryker and Leighton’s adventures!

I finally decided to stop fretting and chose the platform with which to upload their story! As assumed, I will be uploading it via my Wattpad account (which is quite barren and was long overdue for a good update of any form anyway). All of the entries currently on this blog will remain, for sentimental reasons, but will also be lightly edited and uploaded onto Wattpad by sometime tomorrow. Following those, I will try to work on the story at least once a week.


I’m really excited about this guys. I gave the story a name; “NightSong” (subject to change)! And I even made up a professional, time-consuming, labor of love style cover for the big Wattpad debut!


Beautiful, isn’t it?! I know, I know, perfection in its purest form, but I’m booked for commissions right now and couldn’t possibly take on more. 😛

Eheheh, anyways, yes, great things coming! And what’s more, I appear to be posting regularly again and that’s progress if I’ve ever seen it! So go me!

Thank you for sticking it out with me, Audience. I hope I don’t let you all down!

See you on Wattpad!


#30. Ryker, Leighton, and a Promise of Continuation!

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Greetings, Audience!

So, a looooooong time ago (read, 2013), I’d made a pledge to write 365 Pages of one pantsed story in 365 Days; a page a day for an entire year.

I was super into it, too. I made a directory for it on this blog and everything, which can still be clicked on, near the top of this page.


Well, needless to say, I failed. Miserably. I didn’t even make it a month in. I know, I’m terrible.

So yeah, maybe one page a day was a little too… ambitious a goal, even for me (because I’m so awesome, right?).

I now know that I was not well equipped enough to keep up such a task. Even a page a day, though easy as it may seem, was tough to fit into my day-to-day schedule, which has only gotten worse in the two years that followed my epic failure.

So, I will not soon be trying that feat again.


On a whim, I’d began reading over the story recently, and I really think that this MS could be made into something fun! 365/365 was a party of firsts for me. The challenge itself, a first. Where I’d normally write in 1st person, I took the 3rd person approach. And though I find my comfort zone is usually Paranormal Fiction, this was also my first stab at both YA and Romance. Male main protagonist? A first as well.

Though I ultimately threw in the towel on the challenge, I do recall that what I did write was a joy to take part in.

It’s no secret that I generally pants my writing. So going about this challenge day to day was a simple task within itself, but that never takes away from the wonder of seeing the world unfold before me when the words hit the page.

Ry and Leigh’s relationship felt natural and real and unlike anything I thought I’d be able to produce (I don’t write romance very well, you see?).

Ryker’s family established their personalities very clearly and immediately to me in each word typed, and it felt like a real family dynamic. Hero, the dog, came as a complete surprise to me, but he played such an integral part where he was written in, it felt like it was planned.

I’d never written this type of werewolf before. I made up all of the terminology on the spot, all of the the customs, the culture. The Transition, into the Change. The biology, the anatomy of the wolf. And still there’s so much to explore. I can’t just leave this project alone.

So, I plan to revisit this MS. But I won’t be unrealistic in my visions of how to put the story on the page. No one page everyday feats. No speed demon sessions with hopes of finishing 10000 words in one go.

No, I’ll probably take it slow. I haven’t worked out the finer details, but I’m think I’ll upload the story via Wattpad or something, so as not to clutter this blog with its undoubtedly inconsistent updates (Something the readers of Ryker’s story wanted done back when I was still embarking upon the challenge).

If you were interested in this story back in 2013, I hope that my promise to continue the story is as exciting to you as it is to me! I’d love to see what Ryker and Leighton have been up to since I left them last. I know I ended at quite the cliffhanger, which was kind of evil, but I shall fulfill this hiatus very soon, so do not fret!

I’ll post an update here before new additions to the story go up on whichever platform I should choose, but for now, I’m going to work on some loose edits of the original MS (which was completely unedited, if you can recall my italicized disclaimer before each entry, and the many typos that followed). It won’t be perfect, but I’ll get rid of some of the glaring inadequacies to make for better reading. 🙂

I’ll then upload all of what I’ve written thus far on whichever platform I choose and alert you all when new updates are uploaded as they are uploaded! Sound like a plan?


Hope to hear back from me soon, Audience!

I can’t wait to get this show on the road!


#29. A Quick “What Have I Been Up To!”

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*slowly peeks from behind corner*


Heeeey, Audience.

I know you’re probably less than amused by my frequent absences from this here blog (which I’m reeeaaaaallly sorry about), but we’re like, the BEST of friends, so you’ll forgive me right?

Right?! D:

nervous kitty
Uh, um, well, at least allow me to try and make it up to you!

Oh, how?

Well, uh, I was hoping to do so via this post! 😀

Yep… by writing… this… post.


I know, I know, it isn’t much to go on, and I’m terribly inconsistent, if past experiences are any indication, but I really am going to try and post here more. Writing is my passion, my dream, and you all, my audience, are an integral and important part of me finally fulfilling it!

So, no promises made (because my word should be more than enough), I will try to give you guys an entry no less than once a week. You deserve more than that, but my life is pretty hectic currently, and I fear that I wouldn’t be able to commit to more.

So, not that I’ve gotten my very past due apology out of the way, how about a small update on my writing goings on?!

Last month, I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo (I mean, when DON’T I participate in all things NaNo?). It was my most successful year yet, not only in wordcount, but also in overall experiences. I had an amazing kickass cabin, better than any camp before it by a landslide.

With (essentially) 3 no shows to the writing extravaganza, our remaining cabinmates pulled through to blow our original cabin-wide goal out of the water. It was nothing short of amazing.
I mean, seriously, look at these numbers from the first day of validation!


And here, where we finally smashed the cabin-wide goal with six days to spare…


And as if that wasn’t enough, once we were well past said original goal, we’d taken what was originally my April Fool’s joke wordcount of 696969 and set it as our final go to goal within the  last few days of Camp.

update2(Yes, that is my nose)

And then, when we achieved it (with two days to spare)…


Indeed, it was nothing short of glorious. I ended Camp with just over 200K words, effectively completely a regular NaNo over FOUR TIMES.

The active cabinmates from last month’s Camp and I have all decided to re-convene for the July Camp, and I’m looking forward to it!

As for non-Camp related writing, I have planned some serious edits for my November NaNo novel series (that I started in NaNoWriNo 2012, with plans to publish!

This is a big deal for me because I’ve never really worked up the nerve to actually publish something! I know it’s a long and difficult road, but I’ve taken the first step and I cannot wait to see what opportunities this opens up for me!

Wish me luck, Audience!

Until next time,


#28. Accidental 50K (Whoops!)


Helloooo Audience!

Just doing a quick check-in with you, because something most peculiar happened, this NaNo season.

Remember last entry when I said that the writers in Cosmam’s OverAchiever Chat can talk you into some crazy things?

Well, if you couldn’t guess by the title, I accidentally… may have possibly…


It was insane! And last minute! I was totally unprepared, and fully expected to fail!

But I don’t know, I spent the entire day at the park, with no pesky wifi to distract me, and just wrote. No Facebook, no people, no constantly updating my spreadsheet. Just words. And as the hours ticked on, the thought that I could actually finish this surprise 50kday was becoming more and more possible. So I went for it, and boy did it pay off.

So not only did I beat last year’s wordcount of 200k and am on wonderful track to blow this year’s goal of 300k out of the water, but I’ve got two successful 50kdays under my belt from this year alone! (And who knows, I may have enough energy to pull off a few more before the month ends :P)

Write like the wind, Audience!


#27. NaNo Check-Up!

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Greetings, Audience!

So, after announcing my self-proclaimed Nano break, not only did I NOT take that break, but I accidentally crested 100k on the 4th.


And then, to make things, better (or worse), I ended up making it to 160k tonight.


Really, I don’t normally do this well. Last year, my monthly goal was 300k, which I missed  by 100k. It was still an impressive number, but I’d decided that under no circumstances would I miss 300k this year. Now, not only am I pretty much guaranteed to pass last year’s wordcount, but I could possibly pass it within a week of beginning NaNo, AND pass my set goal of 300k before NaNo’s  even half over! It’s insane!

Really, this awesome feat has only been accomplished because of Cosmam’s OverAchiever Chat. Big shout out to them. If it wasn’t for the other OAers there fueling my drive, I’d most likely be playing videogames and barely cresting 60k by now (#JustOAThings, I know). If you get the chance, go check out the chat. Everyone is allowed, because, if you’re writing, to us, you’re an OverAchiever! Plus, conversations get hilarious and weird there.

But beware, they have a habit of talking you into insane things. You only have to look at some of our wordcounts to see the crazy stuff we push each other to do. xD

Happy Writing, Audience,


#26. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! #50KKillMeNow Part Deux Is A Success!

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Happy tidings, Audience!

Guess what?!

If you’ve been keeping up with my SPREADSHEET, you’ll already know, but just in case…

barnanoI beat #50KDay again!!!!!

I finished today at  20:47:87, with a glorious 50005 words! Now I know, I know it wasn’t as fast as last year’s victory at 19:21:41, but I have a few more obstacles in my way this year. I’ve gotten a wonderful, but dependent puppy within the past year who begs for my attention.

odinsit (His name is Odin, he’s like triple this size now, but no current pics)

Here’s a picture of my cat, to balance out the puppy cuteness c:

I had already been up for 12 hours once Midnight hit, so I got mega sleepy earlier, and my wordcount suffered for it. I also kept my social media outlets much more informed on my goings on, so more time on the internet = less time on the 50K grind.

But none of that matters! All that’s important is I FINISHED!! I have the shiny new chart to prove it!


My winning passage? I thought you’d never ask. BA-BAM!


(Written? Kitten! is Love. Written? Kitten! is Life.)

To all of the people who followed my progress on the spreadsheet, thank you so much for partaking in the act of encouraging me!! If you were a returning support from last year’s win, I love your dedication! I had as much as TWENTY-FIVE VIEWERS at one time, and over 530 PAGE CLICKS to my Spreadsheet over the course of the challenge. Seriously guys, the support I got this year was In. Sane.


And for anyone that says the tidier the desk, the more efficient you are…


(Though… I wonder how many words I could have pounded out with a tidier desk… O.o)

As always, I will plug the NaNoWriMo Participants Facebook Group till the day I die, because they deserve it! Seriously, if you NaNo hard and you have yet to join this group, I can only ask WHY NOT?!

Also, congrats to you as well, Audience! I may have done a NaNo challenge, but many of you are also spilling some major plot for NaNo as well, and that’s awesome! Congratulations for writing! I hope your stories rock!

Congratulations to the #50KDay-ers! If you made it, awesome! If you didn’t, no worries! You got words on the page! Progress is progress! There’s always next year for #50KDay. Now is for writing of all types and speeds! Do that, do what you love, and you’ll never lose~  You’re all amazing!

If you’re currently participating in #50K5DAYS or any other special go at NaNo, I wish you luck in the coming days/weeks!

I will be taking a few personal days, just to recuperate. I’ve only had 1 hour of sleep since about 800 hours my time on Halloween. I need some ZzZz and some relaxation. I’d like to think I deserve it. XD

Happy writing, Audience,


#25. The Final Day Ends, #50KKillMeNow Approaches

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I’m back, Audience!

I know, two days in a row!? Blasphemy!

 Happy Halloween/Samhain/Dio de los Muertos!

Aaaaanywho, the deadline for Pre-NaNo prep looms, and with it begins the daunting journey of #50KDay.

(I’m ready, I promise)

So, with that said, I have a few stuffs to share with you, so you can keep me on my toes, as well as track my progress throughout the day.

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚MY SPREADSHEET*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚

✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧MY TWITTER✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

I hope you all are able to check in every once in a while. I could use the cheers of encouragement! 🙂 Thank you in advance~

Remember, if you’re planning on taking on the #50KDay challenge as well, you can see some of my tips and tools of the trade in YESTERDAY’S blog post. 🙂 Happy writing!

You’re all the best!


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