Greetings, Audience!

So, after announcing my self-proclaimed Nano break, not only did I NOT take that break, but I accidentally crested 100k on the 4th.


And then, to make things, better (or worse), I ended up making it to 160k tonight.


Really, I don’t normally do this well. Last year, my monthly goal was 300k, which I missed  by 100k. It was still an impressive number, but I’d decided that under no circumstances would I miss 300k this year. Now, not only am I pretty much guaranteed to pass last year’s wordcount, but I could possibly pass it within a week of beginning NaNo, AND pass my set goal of 300k before NaNo’s  even half over! It’s insane!

Really, this awesome feat has only been accomplished because of Cosmam’s OverAchiever Chat. Big shout out to them. If it wasn’t for the other OAers there fueling my drive, I’d most likely be playing videogames and barely cresting 60k by now (#JustOAThings, I know). If you get the chance, go check out the chat. Everyone is allowed, because, if you’re writing, to us, you’re an OverAchiever! Plus, conversations get hilarious and weird there.

But beware, they have a habit of talking you into insane things. You only have to look at some of our wordcounts to see the crazy stuff we push each other to do. xD

Happy Writing, Audience,