Happy NaNo, Audience!


I have about 10 minutes until go time for my region, so I guess you could say this is darn near last minute, but I really wanted to slap together a Pre-NaNo blog advertising my #DORG Spreadsheet for 2015! I warred with the thought for a few hours, but given that there are a few changes from my norm of previous years, I figured you all deserved a good ole head’s up!

I’ve redoubled my #DORG goal, making it the seemingly impossible finish line of 100K in 24 25 hours (Thank you Ben Franklin!). So, without further procrastination, wish me luck!

For those who would like to follow along with me, I’ll slap a redirect to my Spreadsheet beloooooooow.

2015 #100KKillmenow Spreadsheet

Good luck, fellow NaNoians! May the words do the typey typey thing from the fingers to the screen!