#31. Birthday Post!: Ryker’s Story Gets a Name! To the Watt-Cave!


Good day, Audience!

I first want to say, happy birthday to…


Yes, it is indeed my birthday! And on this most glorious day, I choose to update you all, my lovely readers, on some much awaited goings-on!

(but first, look at this picture of Odin in my birthday hat)

(and his evil form of payback D:)

Anyways, enough about me! I bring good tidings regarding the story of Ryker and Leighton’s adventures!

I finally decided to stop fretting and chose the platform with which to upload their story! As assumed, I will be uploading it via my Wattpad account (which is quite barren and was long overdue for a good update of any form anyway). All of the entries currently on this blog will remain, for sentimental reasons, but will also be lightly edited and uploaded onto Wattpad by sometime tomorrow. Following those, I will try to work on the story at least once a week.


I’m really excited about this guys. I gave the story a name; “NightSong” (subject to change)! And I even made up a professional, time-consuming, labor of love style cover for the big Wattpad debut!


Beautiful, isn’t it?! I know, I know, perfection in its purest form, but I’m booked for commissions right now and couldn’t possibly take on more. 😛

Eheheh, anyways, yes, great things coming! And what’s more, I appear to be posting regularly again and that’s progress if I’ve ever seen it! So go me!

Thank you for sticking it out with me, Audience. I hope I don’t let you all down!

See you on Wattpad!



#28. Accidental 50K (Whoops!)


Helloooo Audience!

Just doing a quick check-in with you, because something most peculiar happened, this NaNo season.

Remember last entry when I said that the writers in Cosmam’s OverAchiever Chat can talk you into some crazy things?

Well, if you couldn’t guess by the title, I accidentally… may have possibly…


It was insane! And last minute! I was totally unprepared, and fully expected to fail!

But I don’t know, I spent the entire day at the park, with no pesky wifi to distract me, and just wrote. No Facebook, no people, no constantly updating my spreadsheet. Just words. And as the hours ticked on, the thought that I could actually finish this surprise 50kday was becoming more and more possible. So I went for it, and boy did it pay off.

So not only did I beat last year’s wordcount of 200k and am on wonderful track to blow this year’s goal of 300k out of the water, but I’ve got two successful 50kdays under my belt from this year alone! (And who knows, I may have enough energy to pull off a few more before the month ends :P)

Write like the wind, Audience!


#27. NaNo Check-Up!

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Greetings, Audience!

So, after announcing my self-proclaimed Nano break, not only did I NOT take that break, but I accidentally crested 100k on the 4th.


And then, to make things, better (or worse), I ended up making it to 160k tonight.


Really, I don’t normally do this well. Last year, my monthly goal was 300k, which I missed  by 100k. It was still an impressive number, but I’d decided that under no circumstances would I miss 300k this year. Now, not only am I pretty much guaranteed to pass last year’s wordcount, but I could possibly pass it within a week of beginning NaNo, AND pass my set goal of 300k before NaNo’s  even half over! It’s insane!

Really, this awesome feat has only been accomplished because of Cosmam’s OverAchiever Chat. Big shout out to them. If it wasn’t for the other OAers there fueling my drive, I’d most likely be playing videogames and barely cresting 60k by now (#JustOAThings, I know). If you get the chance, go check out the chat. Everyone is allowed, because, if you’re writing, to us, you’re an OverAchiever! Plus, conversations get hilarious and weird there.

But beware, they have a habit of talking you into insane things. You only have to look at some of our wordcounts to see the crazy stuff we push each other to do. xD

Happy Writing, Audience,


#26. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! #50KKillMeNow Part Deux Is A Success!

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Happy tidings, Audience!

Guess what?!

If you’ve been keeping up with my SPREADSHEET, you’ll already know, but just in case…

barnanoI beat #50KDay again!!!!!

I finished today at  20:47:87, with a glorious 50005 words! Now I know, I know it wasn’t as fast as last year’s victory at 19:21:41, but I have a few more obstacles in my way this year. I’ve gotten a wonderful, but dependent puppy within the past year who begs for my attention.

odinsit (His name is Odin, he’s like triple this size now, but no current pics)

Here’s a picture of my cat, to balance out the puppy cuteness c:

I had already been up for 12 hours once Midnight hit, so I got mega sleepy earlier, and my wordcount suffered for it. I also kept my social media outlets much more informed on my goings on, so more time on the internet = less time on the 50K grind.

But none of that matters! All that’s important is I FINISHED!! I have the shiny new chart to prove it!


My winning passage? I thought you’d never ask. BA-BAM!


(Written? Kitten! is Love. Written? Kitten! is Life.)

To all of the people who followed my progress on the spreadsheet, thank you so much for partaking in the act of encouraging me!! If you were a returning support from last year’s win, I love your dedication! I had as much as TWENTY-FIVE VIEWERS at one time, and over 530 PAGE CLICKS to my Spreadsheet over the course of the challenge. Seriously guys, the support I got this year was In. Sane.


And for anyone that says the tidier the desk, the more efficient you are…


(Though… I wonder how many words I could have pounded out with a tidier desk… O.o)

As always, I will plug the NaNoWriMo Participants Facebook Group till the day I die, because they deserve it! Seriously, if you NaNo hard and you have yet to join this group, I can only ask WHY NOT?!

Also, congrats to you as well, Audience! I may have done a NaNo challenge, but many of you are also spilling some major plot for NaNo as well, and that’s awesome! Congratulations for writing! I hope your stories rock!

Congratulations to the #50KDay-ers! If you made it, awesome! If you didn’t, no worries! You got words on the page! Progress is progress! There’s always next year for #50KDay. Now is for writing of all types and speeds! Do that, do what you love, and you’ll never lose~  You’re all amazing!

If you’re currently participating in #50K5DAYS or any other special go at NaNo, I wish you luck in the coming days/weeks!

I will be taking a few personal days, just to recuperate. I’ve only had 1 hour of sleep since about 800 hours my time on Halloween. I need some ZzZz and some relaxation. I’d like to think I deserve it. XD

Happy writing, Audience,


#25. The Final Day Ends, #50KKillMeNow Approaches

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I’m back, Audience!

I know, two days in a row!? Blasphemy!

 Happy Halloween/Samhain/Dio de los Muertos!

Aaaaanywho, the deadline for Pre-NaNo prep looms, and with it begins the daunting journey of #50KDay.

(I’m ready, I promise)

So, with that said, I have a few stuffs to share with you, so you can keep me on my toes, as well as track my progress throughout the day.

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚MY SPREADSHEET*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚

✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧MY TWITTER✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

I hope you all are able to check in every once in a while. I could use the cheers of encouragement! 🙂 Thank you in advance~

Remember, if you’re planning on taking on the #50KDay challenge as well, you can see some of my tips and tools of the trade in YESTERDAY’S blog post. 🙂 Happy writing!

You’re all the best!


#24. NaNoWriMo Always Drags Me Back :P (Also, #50KDay Part Deux!)

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It’s been soooo long!

Let me begin by saying sorry for not checking in. Life outside of November is filled with all of its funny little distractions. It makes this whole “blog as a means of valid marketing and publicity so that you can then gather an agent and eventually become a successful published Best-Selling author” thing quite difficult.

A quick list of places you can find me this month:
NaNoWriMo Participants Facebook Group
My Twitter
My Facebook
My NaNoWriMo Site Profile
NaNoWriMo Reddit

(Let it be known that I accept all follows, friend requests, and general attempts at conversation when I can. I also reciprocaaaate~)

Now, I do believe some NaNoWriMo talk was promised via the title, so…

・゚:*Happy NaNo Season 2014!!!!*:・゚

*pops confetti bomb and throws streamers*

Yes, the daunting month of November hath crept upon us once again, bringing with it all of the excitement and nail-biting that we know and love.

As always, if you are taking part in the 30 Days of Literary Abandon this season, GO YOU! NaNo could always use more crazy author faithfuls! If you’re returning, I hope you’re prepared! If this is your first year going the distance, here’s a few words to encourage you:

Edit Later!
No Distractions!
Epic Music!
No Research!

Nano wouldn’t be the same without you all. I hope we all have as much fun as I manage to every NaNo (you know, despite all of the craze-induced panic that I endure prior to November every year)!

As many of you know, I participated in #50K1Day last year (also known as #50KDay, #50KDayOne, and #50KKillMeNow in the Twitterverse), in which you have to write your full NaNoWriMo novel length of 50 thousand words in a singular day. I won, like a BOSS It was quite the challenge, not to mention fun as all get out, and I somehow managed to pull a victory out of my hat.

(I’ll admit, I still grin like an idiot at this, every once in a while.)

And of course, I am so insane that I’ve decided to embark upon the #50KDay challenge YET. AGAIN. I know. I know. Glutton for punishment.

(I even made this poster-thingy to hype me up about my NaNo novel)…

(but this ended up being my book cover)

But this year, I’m not alone! A few other NaNo faithfuls in my resident NaNoWriMo Facebook Group (shameless plug) have also decided to take part, so we’ll all have hands to hold when taking on this most legendary task.

Ever popular NaNoFB member and AMAZING COVER ARTIST, Kat Mellon (who has also decided to try for #50KDay for the first time this year) has pulled through yet again with some amazing web graphics that I’m sporting on both my Personal Facebook and my Twitter.

#50K1DAY Web Graphic

Kat also leads the charge in the Five Day Novel challenge, which is much like #50KDay, but in 5 days instead of 1.

There’s a Website
A Facebook Group
And a Twitter Feed for all who decide to take part.

Not to mention, even more Web Graphics.

#50K5DAYS Web Graphics


As much as I’d love to teach you all the ways of pounding out an amazing, and successful Five Day Novel, Kat breaks it down better than I ever could hope to in her blog post. So head on over and give it a read. Very insightful stuff there. 🙂

As for #50KDay

A few people have been asking my how exactly I went about my day so as to win the daunting challenge. Did I eat? Did I sleep? Did I take break potty breaks? So I thought I’d give a small recollection of my goings on during the 1st of November, 2013.

First off, my SPREADSHEET.
I used it to keep viewers updated on my goings-on when social media was just out of the question.

I began straight away at Midnight on the 1st. Previous to that, I slept till about 9 PM (2100 hours) on Halloween.

I was home alone all of the 1st, so every hour I stretched and walked around for about 5 minutes (if I was feeling risky, I skipped that hourly stretch break). I kept some carrots and hummus near me (but then the hummus ran out, so just carrots). And about every 4 hours or so, I made myself a sandwich (PB&J for life!). That 4 hours was also the time I allotted to update all of my social media (on NaNoFB and on Twitter). Together, they took about 10-ish minutes or so out of the hour (which ultimately led me to fall behind until the sprints kicked in).

I napped for an hour around 7 AM (0700 hours). On my spreadsheet, you’ll see some mild conflict about the power going out, but it was a non-issue. 

I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a serious medical issue, but I only had to potty twice during the whole day, but to be fair, I didn’t drink much water for fear of frequent restroom breaks. Not everyone can do that, and really, I shouldn’t have, but oh well. #YOLO (not really, please don’t hate me, lol)

I mean, it looks really pretty and orderly all typed out like that, but it was by no means easy, and waaay more hectic. My hands were shaky the first few hours because I’m terrible under pressure, but after a few hours of people cheering me on here and on Twitter, I just sort of got into the flow of things, and pulled out ahead. It can be done. I promise.

A few tips if you’re thinking about taking on the #50KDay Challenge this season:

    Seriously. I know Halloween is so tempting with parties and candy and Trick-or-Treating. You may have kids to costume, friends to socialize with, or even school. But, at some point, you need to sleep before Midnight. The closer you wake up to Midnight, the better. I’d hate to fall short because my body crashed out of its sleep-deprived, party-high sugar rush at the worst possible time.
    I dedicate my whole 1st of  November to NaNo, regardless of #50Kday or not. Unfortunately, not everyone can do that. They have a job, or kids, or general adult responsibility. I’ve seen people conquer #50KDay while tending to their normal lives. I believe @sushimustwrite had to do a Math tutoring session during her #50KDay challenge, and still made the mark by scrawling some words down in her free time. It can be done! But trust me, the less you have to do on the 1st, the better.
    When that clock trikes Midnight, you better be home, butt in chair, fingers primed over that keyboard/notebook. You need to be ready to speed demon those words into a semi coherent plot as soon as NaNo begins.
    November 1st is a time for writing. Only do that. No procrastination. No research. No second-guessing. No fretting about writer’s block, which plot twist to put where, or which way the story needs to go to make sense. NO EDITING. Just write. #NoFilter. Any moment you spent not writing is another moment you lower your average WPM, and you need all of that you can get for this challenge.
    You’re writing freaking 50 Thousand Words in 24 FREAKIN’ HOURS! How awesome is that?! Is it scary? Yeah. Is there a risk of failure? Most certainly! But how many people can say they are participating in one of the most challenging and daunting goes at NaNo in the history of the event? Not many! Be proud of that! If the hours are getting along in the day and you start to lose steam, just remember how awesome it’d be to say you’ve bested the #50KDay beast! Recycle your drive! I know, in particular bouts of desperation last year, I took to Social Media to boost my confidence . Just one look at the viewers of my spreadsheet, the cheers of encouragement from my NaNoFB group, to the Favorites and Retweets on Twitter was enough to keep me going (Don’t let the social media slow you down, though. Take enough time to recharge then jump back in, running!). You aren’t alone in this. #50Kday takes major dedication. It’s not an easy task. But the bragging rights and really just the rush of the challenge are reason enough to take it on.
    EAT! REMAIN HYDRATED! Take breaks. Stretch. Take a nap if you absolutely need to. Rest your eyes. Don’t “hold it” (you know what I mean). #50KDay is NOT worth a trip to the Emergency Room. Your life means more to everyone than your bragging rights. I kept snacks near my keyboard for swift eat-age while whipping out my 50K. When my back began to ache with exhaustion, I took a nap. When my fingers cramped up, I took a stretch break. Please, DO NOT put these things off for fear of not making your word count. I did them all, and finished with nearly 5 hours to spare.
    If you’re behind, never underestimate the power of a good wordsprint! I wouldn’t have made it without the ones I did last year.
    In the end, you have to do it for you. If YOU want to try something new, something challenging, something that makes you shiver with nervous excitement whenever you think of it, go for it! As I’ve stated before, you are definitely not alone! I did do the challenge for me, but I admit, the kudos didn’t hurt. When you try really hard, even the most humble person likes the acknowledgement. But don’t do it just for the kudos. Don’t do it EXPECTING respect, awe, or reverence. It’s a lot less fun if you challenge yourself for others.

A breakdown of the numbers for you:

35 Words Per Minute x 60 Minutes = 2100 Words Per Hour

2100 Words Per Hour x 24 Hours = 50400 Words Per Day!

So, to keep things safe, 40 WPM is very doable for the average typist, even more so for a writer, seeing as we do it so much. You could make it to 50K with just under 4 hours to spare at 40 WPM (barring life’s interruptions). You can do it!

Side Note Time

#50KDay isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t have the health, others are just too busy. Some don’t have the drive, the need or the want to embark on such a journey. Life has a funny way of interfering in the worst ways, sometimes. I get that. This isn’t a challenge to be taken lightly, nor is it a challenge to be given lightly. I’m not challenging anyone to partake. Encouraging, yes, but I understand completely that being an adult can really suck sometimes. I understand simply not wanting to do something for the sake of not wanting to do something. Some people can find better things to do on November 1st than clickety-clacking on their keyboards for a challenge that, in the grand scheme of things, means nothing. So if you take part, awesome! I’ll see you around the #50KDay-osphere sometime. If you don’t, well, have an awesome Nano, too. May the words flow freely and the plots thicken gloriously for you all.

Now, if you do decide to partake, and beat the challenge even, I feel inclined to share my experience of the aftermath with you. I had a fair bit of negative feedback after sharing my accomplishments on multiple media outlets.

People will say some things about you doing this for attention. What they won’t realize is that, after having so many people cheer you on during this journey, you will almost feel obligated to revel in this victory with all of the people that helped you through it. These people may call you names, take jabs at your writing, or anything to try to knock you off of your euphoric high from this momentous accomplishment. Ignore them. You rock. Trust me, I have it on good authority.

NaNoWriMo is a personal challenge. We all need to realize that, no matter what anyone is doing, no matter how it gets there or how fast it gets there, if words are on the page by the time the clock strikes midnight on December 1st, we’re all winners. We all are awesome for simply participating in NaNo! For honing our craft! For making ourselves better writers simply by writing! We make this event as amazing as it is, and it wouldn’t be the same without each and every one of us. We’re a community of writers, not a cliquey high school. Let’s build each other up, not tear each other down. You do it for you. If YOU enjoy it, YOU do it. If YOU enjoy finishing NaNo in a day/week/month, own that! If YOU enjoy doing NaNo in Reverse, go for it! But please, respect other people. All first drafts are crap. It doesn’t matter if you wrote it in a day or a year. Not everyone does socially attracting things for attention (but if it’s so amazing that people take notice, is that so bad?). Just because it’s so unbelievable to you, doesn’t mean that it’s a lie. Don’t assume the worst of someone because they dared to be different. Just… respect one another, not just in NaNo, but always and anywhere.

No matter how you parley with November, the next stop is December, the land of editing. It’s a terrifying place and many don’t make it out alive. Good luck.

What are your NaNo plans, Audience? I’d love to hear them!

Happy Writing,

***EDIT – Fun Fact: This Blog entry is long enough to exceed the 1667 daily preferred wordcount for NaNo. Just thought I’d add that in 😛

#23. Mini Celebration!! #50KKillMeNow Was a Success!!!


Good tidings, Audience!

In case you didn’t check in at some point yesterday and see my post linking to my spreadsheet, but knew of my attempt at pounding out 50K words in 24 hours…


I DID IT!!!!!

At 19:21:41 PM, November 1st, I finished the challenge with 50042 words. It was the most amazing thing in the world, to be able to beat the challenge with 4.5 hours to spare! I didn’t cry though…. okay, maybe I did. I bawled my eyes out But only a little.

What was my winning paragraph, you ask?

Image(yes, that’s Pokémon Font)

And I even got this awesome little gem forever saved in my computer to show to friends:Image

To all of the people who followed my progress on the spreadsheet, thank you sososososo much! Peeking in occasionally and sometimes seeing TWENTY OR MORE viewers tracking my word count… it motivated me to not look like a total fool xD

I would also like to thank my cat, who only needed to be told 12 times to leave me alone before she finally complied xD

And coffee, I do love me some coffee. And the other NaNOver Achievers that cheered me on via Twitter as I did for them (especially to @sushimustwrite for providing me with @cosmam’s Day 1 spreadsheet). OH, and the NaNoWriMo group! Super shout out to them! They cheered and jeered me on through the whole endeavor (well, most. I’ll get to that later)!

One thing that disappointed me about the whole thing was that this, being a ginormous challenge that I overcame, was something that I felt honored and a little proud to share with my writing communities. Many people congratulated me heartily for it, and I appreciated every one of you! But then there are the others, the ones that bash my work, saying that it is sure so much a piece of crap that it’ll never be readable. The ones that call me a liar, a cheat, a deceiver, that I just want to get attention.

I admit, the naysayers definitely rubbed me the wrong way… at first. Then I realized, I had–have–nothing to prove to them. If they are getting a little bent out of shape because because I accomplished something beyond their wildest of imaginings, well that’s their problem, not mine.

NaNo is a challenge you set out to achieve for yourself. I did NaNo for me, and no one else. I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. I proved to myself that I can kick ass and pound out 50K in 19.3 hours and stay awake for 8 hours after that. And I am darned proud of that!

So I pat myself on the back, and also I congratulated all of you, Audience! Congratulations for writing! Congratulations for doing NaNo! Congratulations to the NaNOver Achievers! We all deserve praise because we’re doing what we love! Don’t let anyone get you down, or ever make you doubt for a second that you aren’t amazing!

I’ll be putting on my writer’s hat again tomorrow to crack down on #50K5DAYS (I’ll make a spread sheet for that too, I think) which will put me at ~100K in 8 days 😀 It’ll be a personal best (but then again, I am aiming for 300K in a month, sooo…)

Happy writing,


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