Audience! Audience!!!


Yes, yessss! Once again, the summer fun that is Camp NaNoWriMo graces us writer hopefuls with its presence once more!

A few posts back, I spoke of the Cabin I had back in April, and how we all decided to reconvene in July for another summer writing spectacular!

Well, I’m pleased and stupidly excited to announce that I just got the cabin invite today!

I mean, sure, I don’t really know what I’m going to write… or what my wordcount goal will be… or if I’ll even do as well as I did in April, but… uh… I kinda lost myself there. ;-;


Uh, anyway… I’m suuuure I’ll FAIL MISERABLY do fine. It just takes a little spit, a lotta elbow grease, and some extreme willpower to not play vidyagames for three weeks straight. Easy stuff, right?

Plus, I have the backing of several NaNo OAers, which I have not been sparse in lamenting how they push you to do insane things. Example: I’m planning on a #50kday for the first. But don’t bet on it. I’m not sure how motivated I am yet. 😛

Needless to say, I’m pretty ready for Camp this year. I’ve spent my off-season writing pretty much non-stop on My Wattpad, participating in little contests here and there, so my writing muscles are thoroughly stretched and limbered up for the long haul. I’m having good feelings about July. 🙂

Are any of you braving the waters of summer noveling fun this coming month? Do you have better planning skills than I do? Are you as hopelessly lost as me?

If you are… well, no one can say we’re aren’t spontaneous. 😛

I hope you all have a blast this July, Audience.

Happy writing!