#23. Mini Celebration!! #50KKillMeNow Was a Success!!!


Good tidings, Audience!

In case you didn’t check in at some point yesterday and see my post linking to my spreadsheet, but knew of my attempt at pounding out 50K words in 24 hours…


I DID IT!!!!!

At 19:21:41 PM, November 1st, I finished the challenge with 50042 words. It was the most amazing thing in the world, to be able to beat the challenge with 4.5 hours to spare! I didn’t cry though…. okay, maybe I did. I bawled my eyes out But only a little.

What was my winning paragraph, you ask?

Image(yes, that’s Pokémon Font)

And I even got this awesome little gem forever saved in my computer to show to friends:Image

To all of the people who followed my progress on the spreadsheet, thank you sososososo much! Peeking in occasionally and sometimes seeing TWENTY OR MORE viewers tracking my word count… it motivated me to not look like a total fool xD

I would also like to thank my cat, who only needed to be told 12 times to leave me alone before she finally complied xD

And coffee, I do love me some coffee. And the other NaNOver Achievers that cheered me on via Twitter as I did for them (especially to @sushimustwrite for providing me with @cosmam’s Day 1 spreadsheet). OH, and the NaNoWriMo group! Super shout out to them! They cheered and jeered me on through the whole endeavor (well, most. I’ll get to that later)!

One thing that disappointed me about the whole thing was that this, being a ginormous challenge that I overcame, was something that I felt honored and a little proud to share with my writing communities. Many people congratulated me heartily for it, and I appreciated every one of you! But then there are the others, the ones that bash my work, saying that it is sure so much a piece of crap that it’ll never be readable. The ones that call me a liar, a cheat, a deceiver, that I just want to get attention.

I admit, the naysayers definitely rubbed me the wrong way… at first. Then I realized, I had–have–nothing to prove to them. If they are getting a little bent out of shape because because I accomplished something beyond their wildest of imaginings, well that’s their problem, not mine.

NaNo is a challenge you set out to achieve for yourself. I did NaNo for me, and no one else. I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. I proved to myself that I can kick ass and pound out 50K in 19.3 hours and stay awake for 8 hours after that. And I am darned proud of that!

So I pat myself on the back, and also I congratulated all of you, Audience! Congratulations for writing! Congratulations for doing NaNo! Congratulations to the NaNOver Achievers! We all deserve praise because we’re doing what we love! Don’t let anyone get you down, or ever make you doubt for a second that you aren’t amazing!

I’ll be putting on my writer’s hat again tomorrow to crack down on #50K5DAYS (I’ll make a spread sheet for that too, I think) which will put me at ~100K in 8 days 😀 It’ll be a personal best (but then again, I am aiming for 300K in a month, sooo…)

Happy writing,



Tavia K. Armstrong’s #50KKillMeNow Attempt!


Tavia K. Armstrong’s #50KKillMeNow Attempt!

Hey, found some spare time to scribble this post together! Click this link and follow me and my crazy attempt to pound out 50K words in 24 hours!

It’s a link to my spread sheet~ Please forgive the first 1 hour, 25 minutes. I was still getting used to the programs and wonked it up. ;-; So it’s really screwed up, but from there on out, everything should be fine! 


Thank you for supporting me!