About the Panda!

Hello! I’m Kiryuu! Originally Tameka, I was born in Atlantic City, NJ; currently residing in Tennessee. I answer to Kiryuu, Panda, or Tavia K. Armstrong, my nom de plume of choice. As far as I’ve been told, I’m incredibly energetic and have a loud mouth. Yes, those are two things I take pride in. The most noticeable thing about me, I guess, is that I’m pretty smart (mouthed, lol). I read a TREMENDOUS amount of books! This started when I read my first Kurt Vonnegut story in the third grade (Harrison Bergeron). As my love for reading grew, I varied into forms of short/long stories novels, poems, and manga. I began to write my own stories and poems around the second grade, and I still have most of them. With time, my skills grew-somewhat. Mid-middle school: I got introduced to the wonders of FAN-FICTION. Fell. In. Love. It gave me a reason to delve into my favorite books and TV shows!

Other things:

  • In my free time, I like to play League of Legends and World of Warcraft, read, write poetry/novels/short stories, read, draw, watch anime/read manga, sing, read, play instruments, go to the occasional Anime convention, stalk Facebook, and did I mention that I have a little fondness for reading?
  • Oh, and speaking of instruments, I play the violin and piano. Admittedly, I’m a novice, but it’s still pretty fun because I’m getting better every day!
  • My favorite books to read are Paranormal (Adult) Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, and Paranormal (Y/A) Fiction. My favorite genres to write are Paranormal (Adult) Fiction, Paranormal (Y/A) fiction, Poetry, Young Adult Fiction, and Literary Fiction, in that order.
  • My favorite color is purple, and I have an immense love for pandas (big surprise :P ).I am so happy to have you, my most wonderful of readers!

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