#13. My Blog is All Caught Up….for Now [dun, Dun, DUN!!!] (>o_0)>

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Rejoice, Audience!

For my blog is finally all caught up!!

I figured now would be as good a time as any to show you a little of what has held me back from my blogerly duties to begin with (other than NaNo Virtuosos).

Sightseeing! That’s honestly it. My significant other got a trip to Los Angeles, CA, and I was along for the ride. I’d never been outside of the Eastern US, so to get to ride through all of the Western half was quite awesome! From the flat lands of New Mexico, to the desert of Arizona, to the beautiful mountaintops of California, I have a camera stuffed full of memorabilia. My camera was practically glued to my hands, and before I knew it, I was days behind on updating my blog!

I found short times in between my touring to fleetingly keep up with my 365/365 Challenge, but I could never take the time necessary to upload my blogs here for fear of missing something majestic. I do so profusely apologize for my absence once again, and I promise to manage my time more carefully from here on out!

Thank you for sticking around, Audience!

Signing off,


#3. Apocalypses, Road Trips, and Christmas; What I’ve Been Up To

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Hello potential readers!

For those of you that have actually looked forward to what I have to say, I do so terribly apologize for my absence. A lot has happened lately that was beyond my control. Left without internet, I was forced to forego talking about December 21st, my Christmas plans, as well as promoting myself in the competitions I’ve entered in (CoughCoughNaNoVirtuososCoughCough). So, this is my belated gift to you: a rough recollection of what I’ve been doing since my absence began.

Where I’ve Been…
I like to call it a big long road trip, but basically, my significant other is a commercial vehicle operator, and I have the honor to travelling the world with him…well, it’s just the continental US, but you know what I mean. Anywho, it left me without internet, but now it’s okay because I fixed it! Woo!

Things You’ve Missed…
1. NaNo-Virtuosos Competition


So, in case you haven’t heard of it, Curiosity Quills holds a competition every year after NaNoWriMo called the NaNo-Virtuosos competition. I’ve decided to undergo this most gruesome of tasks. Unfortunately, round 1 of this competition ended…yesterday. Yes, it is sad, especially since round 1 was a popularity vote and I could have reeeaallly used the promotion on my blog to get my entry out there. Hohum, life goes on. Well wishes are always appreciated, as the results of round 1 will not be advertised until New Year’s Eve.

Curiosity Quills
NaNo-Virtuosos Competition

2. December 21st: Apocalypse!…Or Not?


Obviously December 21st did not bring about the end of the world. Kind of disappointing, honestly. My zombie killing arsenal was prepared and at the ready. Now it’s just taking up space on my living room floor. But alas, life went on as per usual, and it turns out that the rotting aroma I’d mistaken for the precursor to an impending undead invasion was actually just moldy leftover Thanksgiving turkey that I hadn’t cleared out of my fridge. Oh well. I guess I really shouldn’t be disappointed. After Y2K, 06/06/06, and the Rapture, this is the 4th “apocalypse” that I’ve survived. Thinking of it that way, I feel pretty bad ass. I hope you all do, too!

3. CHRISTMAS!!! (Or Whichever Holiday Doesn’t Offend You :o)


Whatever winter holiday that suits your fancy, I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed it as much as I did mine.
My holiday flavor of choice is Christmas, and I had an amazing time. Taking time off from the road, my significant other met my family and an abundance of merriment was had. I got Pokémon White 2 and earrings, League of Legends skins and CANDY! We all went out to to see Rise of the Guardians, and my mother made us dinner. All around fun day, even if there was no snow to frolic in. May your holidays be joyous, audience.



Well I am currently back over the road. Where there was no snow back at home. There’s TONS of the stuff farther north. I spent the night in Iowa (at the LARGEST TRUCK STOP IN THE WORLD, might I add), and woke up with the truck covered in snow. Roads are icy, but we’re being safe and going on adventures. I now have internet, so I won’t have to forego updating as long as I did anymore!

Happy holidays, audience.

Signing off,