Greetings, audience!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *pops streamers, throws confetti, blows that colorful honky thingy that rolls up every time I inhale*

Yay! My first milestone since starting this blog. Posting in the New year. How is everyone doing? I hope you didn’t get too conked out as your respective parties last night. I spent my evening sober, but writing. Watched the ball drop via Skype with my family, and my significant other gave me a big smooch (<3). We toasted sparkling cider to the New Year, and slept peacefully soon after.


Now I’m sure most of you have seen this quote circulating around the internets recently: “Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book, make sure you write a good story.” or some rendition of that.

I imagine that the quote itself is purely hypothetical, but I’m thinking of doing something crazy. Now, hear me out on this, but what if I were to actually WRITE one page of a story every day this year and make a 365 page book for this year? Crazy, I know, but it would be exactly what I need to complete my writing everyday resolution. So I’m thinking of going for it. One page a day, starting immediately after this blog goes live. Oh, and one more thing, like every day of the year, I’m just gonna let this story ride. No one knows what’s going to happen to them every day of their life in a year, so why should writing this story be any different. I’m going to string together page after page each day and let the story write itself (Muses, start your engines!!). I will do my best to upload each page here everyday, so you all can track my progress =3

So who’s with me? Surely I’m not the only person wacky enough to embark on this amazing feat. If I am, well, moral support is always welcome and appreciated.

Wish me luck, audience!

Signing off,