Happy Halloween/Samhain/Whatever Doesn’t Offend You Day! I do hope you all enjoy this little celebration, however you celebrate it and for whatever reason you celebrate it for! I’ll personally be sleeping for majority of it, you’ll know the reason why once you read down below~

I rise from the dead, Audience!

Yes, yes, I know it has been QUITE some time since my last entry, and for that I am truly sorry (yes, I know that this is vaguely familiar, a ghost of my past apologies that were spilled in vain).

There is no excuse for my prolonged absence, save that life got in the way. Can I promise that won’t happen again? Of course not! But I will try to keep my darling audience better informed this time. 😀

As for my timely re-arrival, there is a reason, a season, that would prompt me the urge to get back into blogging. That reason is:


That’s write (see what I did there?)! It’s the most wonderful time of the year YET AGAIN for author faithfuls everywhere. The time when we lose sleep scrawling (or clacking) words onto the page with hopes of reaching 50K by midnight on the 30th of November.

First off, let me say, if you are participating this year, GO YOU! Whatever doubts you have going into this, I know that with a little determination and elbow grease, you can overcome anything, any plot twist, any obstacle, that your novel throws your way. You are, after all, a writer. We do stubbornness so well. 😀

Secondly, I might add that this is my 8th year participating, and with said 8th year, I have decided to mix it up a tiny bit, so as to challenge myself.

In a Facebook NaNoWriMo group a few weeks ago, a fellow NaNomigo, Kat Mellon, threw out the thought of trying 50K in the matter of a mere FIVE DAYS!!!

She made a blog post about it…

A Twitter feed

Facebook page for people who choose to take on the endeavour…

Speaking of Facebook, she even made up a few Facebook cover photos…

A tracking sheet…

And she even bought a domain for all of the participants!

Seriously, she’s pretty awesome!

(and owns a treaddesk)

I admit, this is an amazing feat to attempt, let alone accomplish, and I wish everyone who participates the best and highest of lucks!

I, too, have decided to participate in this amazing challenge, but on top of that I have decided…

… to do something…



Can you guess what it is? Can you, can you?


You guess it yet? If not, I’ll spill.

On top of #50K5DAYS, I will be attempting the appropriately labelled #50K1DAY (or #50kday, as I have seen Sushi label in on Twitter) an amazing quest of writing an entire novel in a mere 24 hours!

Am I crazy for doing it? Probably, but at least I have this nifty tracking sheet to help me along the way!

(Also, courtesy of Kat)

Now, just simply saying that I’ll try is not enough. The question is, can I succeed?

I honestly think I can, but that doesn’t stop the nervous excitement making my fingers quiver, nor does it stop the fact that I should be sleeping right now to prepare for the immense task ahead, yet here I type.

In the end, the proof is in the words on the page, and come midnight on November 2nd, I’ll know if I am made of the right stuff. Same goes for midnight on November 8th, as I’ll be taking a much needed break from Nano on the 2nd (whether I make to 50K word mark or not) before attempting #50K5DAYS on the 3rd.

I won’t have time to keep everyone posted on my status of #50K1DAY, nor will I be doing anything fancy like streaming my writing or other things that allow people to view my writing as I write it (very self-conscious about my work ^_^;), but if you are well acquainted with the NaNoWriMo Participants Facebook group (if you aren’t, I’d strongly recommend it; the most supportive bunch of writers you could ever find this side of the internet), I promised that I’d update them all every few hours or so.  😀

I may even update my Twitter a bit, if I can find the time, so be on the look out for any #50K1DAY or #50kday updates from me!

So that’s just about it, on my side! Wish me luck! (I’ll need it)

Have you guys set out any crazy tasks for this NaNo season? I’d love to hear them!

Signing off, (hopefully not for several months this time)