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Day/Page 23!

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Amazing things are to come! I now present to you Page 23 of my 365 page book.


When Leighton was sure that they’d departed, she allowed herself to sink wearily to her knees.

Ryker soon followed her descent to the ground. “What just happened?” he whispered.

Leighton had no clue. “I…I don’t know. Pack wolves don’t act like that.”

“Well tell that to them!” Ryker retorted, motioning in the direction that the wolf took off in.

Leighton shook her head. “This doesn’t make any sense. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say…” She couldn’t bring herself to finish the statement, as if saying it allowed would make it true. I’d say they were acting like Hunt wolves. She shook her head again. Pack Wolves and Hunt wolves didn’t mix. “Let’s get going.” Ryker nodded silently and they both stood.

As they continued southward, Leighton wracked her brain for any instance where Pack wolves interacted with Hunt wolves. She knew of none. Could the local werewolves have taken the feral wolves in? That wasn’t possible. Pack wolves hated the Hunts. They never allowed us near them, Leighton argued silently to herself. Why would it be any different here in New Jersey?

“What are you over there thinking so hard about?” Ryker asked, breaking Leighton’s train of thought.

She looked up at him with mild annoyance. “Wolves.”

Ryker smiled, amused. “Well, isn’t that a shocker?”

Leighton frowned back. “This isn’t the time for jokes, Ryker.”

His smile wilted. “Sorry. Just trying to lighten the mood.” After a few beats of awkward silence, he continued. “Well, uh, maybe you can say your thoughts aloud. I’m more knowledgeable than you think.”

Leighton shook her head. “You’re very smart, Ryker. I know that. But I don’t know if you’ll be able to help me here.”

Ryker looked taken aback. “About werewolves? Oh come on, Lei, don’t sell me short. I know loads about werewolves, even if most of it came from fiction novels and internet lore.”

Despite her foul mood, Leighton stifled a laugh. “Well, that just makes me feel so much better.”

Ryker gave a half smile. “There’s the sarcasm I know and love.” His heart skipped a beat at the mention of loving anything about Leighton, but he ignored it in light of recent events. “So, uh, how ’bout it? I mean, it couldn’t hurt, you know.”

Leighton nodded. “Okay.”

She voiced her unease about how odd the wolves acted towards them, that they were never that forward with werewolves, and that they reminded her eerily of Hunt wolves. “The way they stared us down, and especially that fake out at the end… That’s not normal Pack wolf behavior, as least, not from what I was told of them.”

Ryker nodded. “So you think that these wolves were being…controlled by your Hunt?”

“No, not my Hunt. If they were being influenced by any Hunt at all, that would be extremely odd.”

The nighttime wind shifted, carrying a soft chuckle. “Yes, extremely odd indeed. But not impossible.”


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