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Another day in the blog dump; Day/Page 17!

Thank you for following along with me on this journey! I, myself know very little about the characters, as I am just writing this story as each entry passes, so every time I noticed them develop, I begin to giggle with glee! My muses amaze me sometimes! If you haven’t read the evolution of Ryker and Leighton yet, please head on over to the 365/365 Directory Page found –here– so that you can catch up!

Prepare to have the urge to rip your eyes our, fellow OCD readers, for the amount of typos you will encounter in this passage is going to BLOW YOUR MIND! At some point here soon, I may decide to go in and edit it properly, but for now I’m just going to let it ride =3

*raises glass* To more character development! Cheers! I now present to you Page 17 of my 365 page book.


Leighton was headed farther north before she could officially choose a direction. Trusting in Ryker’s ability to grip her fur tightly, she didn’t bother conditioning him for the dashing that she did though the darkness.

Eventually, suburbia gave way to the wilderness of state parks, and Leighton noticed the terrible mistake she’d made. They were headed back in the direction of the state park that Ryker’d woken up in, and Leighton didn’t know if that would lead them closer to the Ryodan or not.

She slowed to a lope as they neared the river bank once more, though this time as a much narrower expanse. There was a bridge that was dim enough for them to cross, but it was traversed by cars and if one happened to pass during their trip, she couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t be seen. She huffed once to get Ryker’s attention.

Ryker looked up to survey his surroundings. “Hey look, a bridge.”

Leighton didn’t have enough time to let him make a proper decision, so she chose the bridge. As she stepped lightly just outside the lights dotting the bridge, she was relieved to see no cars coming. She sampled the air once more, but got nothing more than the scent of the distant ocean and the more stagnant river water mixed with the usual scents of night life of rural New York. With a weary look behind down the road behind her, she took off at break-neck speeds across the bridge.

Ryker’s heart pounded a little harder with every light they passed under, and even though he wasn’t the one running, his forehead was sweaty with exertion. His eyes were closed to slits as the speed of Leighton’s preternatural strides made the wind slice across his cheeks. Twin sparkles of light glinted in the distance, and tears blurred Ryker’s vision as his eyes widened in fear and anxiety. “Leighton, that’s a car!” He’d shouted it, but the wind vised his voice and tore it from his lungs, rendering it soundless.

Leighton knew what the lights meant. She ran faster.

Leighton could see the outline of the car now, and judging her distance from the edge of the bridge, she knew she wouldn’t clear it in time. She flattened her ears and sucked her head, hoping that Ryker would follow suit. With one powerful shove of her hind legs, Leighton made the final bound to the end.

Her nose made it out of the glow of the final bridge light as the car entered. The driver clearly saw Leighton, honking their horn as Leighton barreled towards them. They swerved wide, despite being nowhere near Leighton, and the peel of the tires sliced through the quiet night. Leighton didn’t stop to see if they’d be okay, but instead darted quickly towards the darkest area of cover that she could find. She wanted to be hidden, should the driver choose to inquire about just what in the world they’d just encountered.

She cleared the treeline of the state park before she turned to look back at the bridge. The car had seemed to move on, so without any more dwelling on the matter, she breathed a weary chuff at Ryker.

“I’m fine,” he whispered. He sounded more out of breath than she did, but then again he had just essentially been caught riding a werewolf across a bridge. Leighton could sympathize.

She whined softly, crouching in case Ryker wanted to get off and stretch his legs, but she felt his rejection as he shook his head.

“No, we gotta get going. Yeah, I’m a little shaken up, but I’ll get over it. From what I assume, this is nothing compared to what your Hunt will do to us if we get caught all because I wanted to slack.” He renewed the strength of his grip on Leighton’s coat. “Let’s keep going.”

With a nod and a huff, Leighton obliged.


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