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What, what! Day/Page 16!

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I think I’ve done enough jabbering for the time being (haha)! I now present to you Page 16 of my 365 page book.


After a short bout of silence following their departure, Ryker asked, “So, if things would have went as planned, when were you planning on telling me that you were a werewolf?”

Leighton thought about it, not exactly knowing the answer herself. “I…don’t know. Not right away, that’s for sure. It’s not exactly something you say in a greeting. ‘Hello, my name is Leighton! I like dancing and cheering, and I’m also a werewolf. My favorite color’s green.'”

Ryker snickered. “I guess not. But it’s like Spiderman and Batman, you know? Even they couldn’t keep their secret super identities from Gwen Stacy and Selina Kyle.”

Leighton shook her head with a chuckle. “I have no clue who they are. Well, Batman and Spiderman, but not the others. The girlfriends, I presume?”

Ryker nodded enthusiastically. “Well, you see, Gwen Stacy is Peter Parker’s original girlfriend. I blame Hollywood for putting that label on Mary-Jane Watson. Ugh. And Selina Kyle? Hello? Catwoman? She is only the most iconic–”

Leighton waved his explanation away with a laugh. “Okay, okay, forget I asked.” She allowed herself to imagine how things could have been, and how she would have told him about her if things had gone that way. “I guess I’d try to tell you after I was sure it’d work–we’d work.”

“When would that have been?” Ryker replied.

Leighton shrugged slightly. “I guess it varies from relationship to relationship. I don’t know how long it would have taken.”

“Well, whatever the case, I guess it doesn’t matter anymore, does it?” Ryker asked. His voice was a mixture of solemnity and acceptance, and Leighton didn’t know whether to feel sorrowful of the situation again or moved by Ryker’s strength.

She settled with a soft but firm nod. “I guess not.”

Ryker nodded back, as if that was the only confirmation he needed. After a break of silence in the conversation, a grin spread across his face. “That was you when I woke up, wasn’t it?”

Leighton looked up at Ryker in confusion. “What was me?”

“That…squealing,” Ryker replied, recalling the squeaky chatter of panic that rang through his head.

“I–” Leighton flushed red in embarrassment and Ryker let out a bark of laughter.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you freak out like that before, Lei!” Ryker exclaimed, bemused.

Leighton averted her gaze, hiding most of the blush in darkness. “I am not the type to freak out, but given the situation, I’m sure you can understand why–”

Ryker nodded passed his mirth. “Yeah, yeah I get it. It was just odd, is all. I’m used to calm and composed Lei, not squeaky, chattery Lei.”

Me too, Leighton thought glumly. “Ha-ha, okay, you’ve had your laugh.” She glanced upward and was hit by the full blaze of Ryker’s grin. She turned conspicuously back to the darkness as blush of a different sort spread across her cheeks, warming them like wildfire.

Ryker’s smile wilted, and he reached out to Leighton’s should, fearing that he may have hurt her feelings. “Leighton, I was just jokin’, you know? I’m sorry, I’ll stop.”

Leighton stayed averted a moment longer to find composure. “No, no, it’s fine. I guess I probably did sound kind of silly,” she replied, giving a sheepish smile.

Ryker’s lips tilted in a half-smile. “No worries, if it weren’t for the headache I had, I think it would have been cute.”

Leighton knew it was too late to turn around as another wash of red spanned her cheeks, and Ryker’s breath caught. “You’re so beautiful…” He hadn’t meant to say it aloud, but when Leighton’s eyes widened to saucers as they met his, he know she’d heard him.

Before Ryker could stop himself, he;d raised his hand up, running his fingers gently through Leighton’s hair as he pushed it back from her face.

Leighton stood deathly still, as if she were dealing with a timid horse and didn’t want to scare it away. She’d never been with a boy this way; she didn’t know how to proceed. Werewolves are supposed to do things differently. She remembered her Raja telling her about the ritual between mates, but she could recall little more beyond that. Did it even matter now? They weren’t apart of a Hunt anymore. Did she still–

A niggling at the back of Leighton’s conscious, pulling her away from her thoughts.

Ryker must have noticed a difference, because his hand froze. “Lei?” He looked up and into the darkness. “What’s wrong?”

“The Ryodan. I think they’ve found our scent again.”

Ryker tensed. “You gonna change again so we can move faster?” Leighton nodded. “Alright, this way.” He tugged her in the direction of some brush away from the streetlights.

Leighton kicked off the flip-flops and was already removing the shirt before she was fully hidden from the road.

With the steady buzz tingling at the nape of her neck and down her spine, she now knew for a fact that the Ryodan was back on their tracks. With that clarity, the Change came quickly. It was no less painful, but it didn’t take as long as normal.

She was shaking off the last waves of pain and itchiness and Ryker patted her flank. “You okay?”

Leighton dipped her head in one small nod, then raised it to scent the air. She couldn’t smell them yet, which meant that they weren’t in the area, but her subconscious knew that they were across the river and closing in fast. The two of them had to get moving. Fast.

Leighton dipped down, and Ryker hopped onto her back, hiking the bookbag tightly upon his shoulders.

Leighton could have sworn that she heard a voice slide through her mind before she took off.

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