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Welcome back to my 365/365 Challenge!!!

Today marks the 14th day of my challenge!!! Two weeks! I am happy to say that this was by far my FAVORITE passage to write, and what better day for it to fall on than a milestone!

So much has happened in two weeks! If you want to follow along, but haven’t read the other 13 pages, just hop on over to the 365/365 Directory Page found –here– so that you can catch up!

Prepare to have the urge to rip your eyes our, fellow OCD readers, for the amount of typos you will encounter in this passage is going to BLOW YOUR MIND! At some point here soon, I may decide to go in and edit it properly, but for now I’m just going to let it ride =3

Without further ado, please enjoy this passage! I hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing it! I now present to you Page 14 of my 365 page book.

He made it down the street before Leighton seemed to materialize beside him. “Ry, what’s wrong?”

He shrugged. “What makes you think anything is wrong?”

She took his arm, stopping his stride. “I can smell your sadness, Ryker.” She nodded to his hand. “And blood. Something happened in there.”

After a moment, Ryker spoke. “How long?” he asked. “How long will it be until I see them again?”

Leighton’s heart skipped a beat. She knew what was coming, but she couldn’t find the strength to tell him earlier. “Ryker, I–”

“Will I ever? Or will we just leave without a trace?”

“No! Of course you’ll come back! I just–”

“You don’t have to lie to me, Leighton,” Ryker assured. His eyes were downcast, but he didn’t sound angry or scared. Just resigned.

“Ryker.” Leighton stepped in front of him. “Ryker, look at me.” She took his face in her hands and lifted until he was looking her in the eye. “You will see them again. You may even be able to live a normal life with them again. I just don’t know when that will be.”

He nodded too many times, as if that was what he was desperately wanted to hear. “My dog hates me too, by the way.” He lifted his hand for emphasis.

“Oh, Ryker,” Leighton replied, empathetic. “He doesn’t hate you. He’s just confused by the change in scent. He can see that you’re his old master, but his nose it saying that you aren’t. He doesn’t know what to believe.”

Ryker breathed a humorless laugh. “I would have believed that before he bit me.”

“How else is he supposed to react, Ryker? He was confused and if you tried to go near him in that time, he probably got scared and panicked. Just give him some time, and he’ll come around”

Ryker looked back at her reproachfully. “I don’t even have to be a werewolf to smell that lie.”

Leighton recoiled as if Ryker had slapped her. “Ryker, I’m so sorry. I just–”

“Yeah, yeah. You don’t know what you can and can’t tell me right now, for fear that I’ll get us both killed by your Hunt’s roadies or whatever.”

“Ryodan, Ryker. And yes, I know you’re going through a hard time right now. I’m not some robot that can tell you all of the facts at once and hope for the best.” She looked him in the eye and fought back tears. “I never meant for any of this to happen. I didn’t want to take you from your family. I didn’t want to Turn you. I didn’t even want you to know that I was a werewolf…at least, not right away.” The first tear betrayed her struggles and slid slowly down her left cheek. “Nothing went as planned tonight. I just wanted to be with you the way I’ve always wanted to be with you from the night we met. I knew that it wouldn’t work, we were too different. I thought we could just be friends, and we were for a while, and it was great. But I was too selfish to leave well enough alone. So I asked you out.” She swiped at the tears that ran down her face. “I was so happy when you said yes, Ryker. So happy. Before I was so afraid that’d you’d say no, that I wasn’t good enough, too dark and feral and tainted to penetrate that brilliant ball of joy that always surrounded you. But you said yes.” She gasped the word as another wave of sorrow crashed over her. “And it was the most beautiful word I’d ever heard in my life. Do you know why, Ryker? Because I thought it meant that I was finally able to be happy!” A short wave of sobs overtook her, and she had to fight to regain control.

Ryker was dumbstruck. She…liked me? All this time?

Leighton scrubbed at her face, but even still the tears wouldn’t stop. “It seems destined that I should be left with nothing in this world. Everything I know has been torn from my hands time after time. My family, my Hunt, you, and–”

Ryker swept Leighton up into a kiss, catching her off guard. It was a long lingering kiss in which he hoped conveyed all of the feelings that he’d had for her since the night they’d sat for hours on that porch. When he pulled away, they were both gasping.

“Lei, I–” He was cut off as Leighton pulled him down for another kiss.

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