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Let Day 12 commence!!

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Well there you have it! I now present to you Page 12 of my 365 page book.


Leighton handed Ryker a wad of clothing. “I couldn’t find any of your shoes, so I got your football cleats. The rest of the clothes should be fine.”

He looked down at her extended hand. “Do they at least match?”

She wrinkled her nose. “I’m a girl, Ryker. We already know how to color coordinate naturally.”

He plucked the clothes from her hand. “Forgive me for not agreeing. Given some of the outfits I’ve seen the girls at school wearing, I could venture to say quite the opposite.”

Leighton chuckled. “Just get dressed.”

They hid behind separate bushes to dress. True to her word, Ryker noticed that his clothes matched perfectly, a short sleeved red button down shirt over a white tee and some jeans. His cleats were the only odd part, but they were black and blended in nicely. He discarded his ruined clothing in the same garbage bag that his father had played basketball with earlier.

They stepped into the alley at the same time. Ryker saw what Leighton was wearing, and asked, “Where did you find a dress in my room?”

Leighton looked down at her clothes. “It’s not a dress. It’s a shirt.”

Ryker then noticed that she was, in fact, shirt–one of his long sleeved flannel button-downs that were too hot to wear once winter thawed out. It fell to mid-thigh on Leighton, and she’d tied the sleeves together so that they made a bow in the center of her chest. It was a dark blue color, and even without being able to see clearly in the darkness, Ryker knew that the color went great with her sapphire eyes and pitch black hair. She can make anything look beautiful, Ryker thought, and had to stop himself from saying as much aloud. “Nice.”

She shrugged as if it were no big deal. “Thanks. Oh, and I don’t know whose flip-flops these are, but they’re a girl’s shoes so I seized the opportunity.” She lifted her foot for emphasis.

“Oh, my sister’s,” he replied. “I have no clue why they were in my room. They deserve to be stolen.”

Leighton looked taken aback. “I’m not stealing them,” she retorted. “I’m just borrowing them.”

He laughed. “I bet. So, now what?”

“So now you head in there and tell them you’ll be gone for a while,” Leighton replied. “Have you come up with your excuse?”

“No,” Ryker said, “but I am on three sports teams and have friends that like to partake in foolish shenaniganery during the weekend. I’m sure I can come up with something.”

Leighton nodded. “All right. I’ll meet you out front when you’re done. And remember, get enough clothes for a week at least, and some cash for the road.”

“Got it.”

They went down the alley to the street side, walking around the corner on the main road so that they were at the front of Ryker’s home. “Wish me luck,” Ryker sighed.

Leighton bumped Ryker’s hip with her own. “Good luck, champ.”

Ryker felt his cheeks flush and turned away. “Thanks.” He made his way to the door before Leighton could notice the red on his face.

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