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Well there you have it! I now present to you Page 11 of my 365 page book.


Ryker wondered what was taking Leighton so long. It’s only a few clothes, he thought, nervous adrenaline making him dance back and forth on the balls of his feet. Despite the urgency of the situation, he couldn’t help be feel excited.

As if on cue, Leighton peeked her head out of the window. Ryker was just about to wave her down when the house’s kitchen light flicked on, illuminating a square of the back yard in yellow light. He made a motion with his hands of shooing Leighton back. Ryker could see the confusion in her face from across the yard.

It wasn’t until the back door of the house banged open that Leighton understood. She quickly dipped her head back into Ryker’s room as a man stepped out into the yard.

“No…” the voice warned. A bark pierced the night. “No, Hero. You’re in for the night.” Two more barks.

The hair on the back of Leighton’s neck rose. Dogs generally didn’t like werewolves, and reacted badly when one was near. With a pang of guilt, Leighton wondered if she’d also ruined Ryker’s relationship with his dog.

“What has got you so worked up?” The man asked. He leaned down patting Hero on the head. “What is it boy?” he asked in baby talk. Hero barked. “What is it? It there bad guy out there?”

Ryker watched Hero bouncing around with his father and almost called out. Hero always wigged out when he got home, and it was customary for them to do a bit of rolling around as a way of greeting. He loved his dog since the day his father brought in the holed box that held Hero for his birthday four years ago. A mostly Husky with a bit of German Shepard mixed in is what the shelter’s “Thank You for Adopting Me” card had him categorized as. He wondered if being a werewolf would make him smell different to Hero. Would Hero still like him? With a silent chuckle, Ryker imagined tousling with Hero in his new werewolf form.

With a final pat on Hero’s head, Ryker’s father turned to pick up a tied trash bag. He shooed Hero back inside before closing the back door and setting off through the yard.

Ryker froze, not knowing where to go. He looked up to his window desperately, to see Leighton urging him backward, mimicking his motion from earlier to hide. At the last second, he dipped into the brush where Leighton had Changed earlier.

Ryker’s father whistled tunelessly as he made his way to the garbage cans at the opening of the alley. Ryker’s heart was hammering in his chest. He hadn’t hidden deep enough, and he knew that once his father turned from the garbage cans, he’s be noticed. Ryker tried to back up silently, but loose gravel shifted under his feet. If he moved, it would make a lot of noise. He looked up to watch as his father neared the alley, but noticed that he’d stopped short.

His father looked both ways, and swung the bag over his shoulder. “Steele drops back for the shot! He’s gonna take it!” He lobbed the trash bag towards the garbage can. Ryker stared, heart in his throat, as the bag slammed against the rim of the can, nearly toppling over the other end before it slid inside and clattered at the bottom.

“And he scores! Nothing but net!” Ryker’s father fist-pumped the air before turning with a chuckle. He was back to whistling off tune as he went back inside.

When he was sure the coast was clear, Ryker let out a small whistle and watched as Leighton slid expertly back down to the ground. She dashed back into the darkness of the alley with a bundle of clothing over her shoulder.

She glanced back at the door. “Nice shot.”

Ryker smiled. “I had to get my athletic prowess from someone.”

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