Hello, Audience.

Today, someone brought a New York Times article to my attention, “Make Me Worry You’re Not O.K.”, written by Susan Shapiro.

In the article, she tells the reader about the signature writing assignment that she presents to the students of every journalism class that she teaches at the beginning of the year. It is appropriately named “the humiliation essay”, as it requires her students to write a three page paper about the most humiliating experience in their life.

She goes on to explain her own humiliating memoirs, and how she herself struggled with properly executing her own challenge. She goes on a journey back through her past, tearing away the bandage and letting the blood run fresh. When she writes afterward, she finds it to be a much better rendition.

After much inner turmoil, I have decided to undertake this challenge. I won’t post it yet, as I want my following to increase. If I am to lay my soul bare, I need to know that others will read it. What is there to gain from revealing my deepest secret, if no one is there to witness it? Much like Mrs. Shapiro’s students, I want the humiliation and embarrassment to sink over me at the thought that other’s are reading this most hidden thought, and hopefully then, I will finally be at the level required to write with the raw emotion I see in so many of my favorite authors.

Keep an eye out for my Humiliation Memoir, Audience. Though I’m not where I need to be publicly, mentally, or emotionally to share this with you all today, I vow to be sometime in the near future.

Would you guys write your most humiliating memory on paper? Further more, would you share it with anyone? Your peers? Total strangers?

I would love to read it if you would.

Thanks for reading, Audience.

Signing off,