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Ryker’s room was a mess. Leighton wrinkled her nose, smelling the stench of old pizza as she maneuvered gingerly over haphazardly strewn dirty clothing. Stale sweat lingered in the air from his abandoned football uniform, and the contents of his backpack lay spilled along his unmade bed.

Even in the near darkness of his room, Leighton could see well enough to search for clean clothes, though she doubted she’d find any. She picked cautiously through Ryker’s dresser drawers, very aware that she had access to his most intimate domain.

She didn’t know how to feel. She’d spent all of her years as a werewolf in the company of her Hunt. They didn’t have any boundaries solid enough to warrant mentioning more than once, and if they were breached after that, no one really cared. The Hunt was closer than family, they’d told her. It was more than a community. Not that the family part matters, she recalled herself thinking.

The Ryodan had found her the night she was Turned, taking her to the Hunt. There, she’d been offered everything she ever needed: A home, food, and an understanding of why her life had gone so wrong. She was a werewolf, and whatever was theirs, was hers, too. There was no such thing as mine and yours in the Hunt, unless it was a mate or pup.

“Our” was a custom every wolf in the Hunt learned to live by, and for the most part, everyone was okay with that, including Leighton. She had only asked to attend a human school because it was all that was left after her life had gone to shambles. She couldn’t finish her schooling where she’d lived. She doubted anyone even knew she was alive. The Raja accepted her determination to continue school outside of the Hunt, and rerouted to New York, where they planned to stay until Leighton graduated–from high school or college, it was her choice.

She still couldn’t believe how understanding they were, how they’d all been okay with moving the Hunt simply so she could finish school. She’d implored them not to worry about it once she realized the hassle that her favor had caused, that she couldn’t ask so much of them after only knowing them for a short time. She wasn’t ever used to asking for favors, and that the one she decided to ask was such a big deal unnerved her. Still, the Hunt went through with it, and had her enrolled soon after. She inquired about their decision to help her so immensely, but they replied vaguely, telling her that it is not their wish to restrain the kiriks from experiencing life, but she knew better. Part of her knew that it was because they felt sorry for her, but she didn’t dwell on it too much, too afraid to over think it and lose the closest thing to a family that she had left. But that didn’t matter anymore either. For the second time in her life, Leighton had lost her family in the blink of an eye.

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