Welcome back, Audience!

NaNo-Virtuosos '2013 Badge

I’ve been super super busy lately, tweaking my novel for the NaNo Virtuosos Competition (hosted by Curiosity Quills) that I’m sure you’ve all heard me mention before! I was lucky enough to make it through to round one, thanks to many of my friends’ and readers’ support (I still cannot thank you all enough)!!

At last, Round Two voting is upon us!!

Unlike Round One’s people’s choice popularity vote, Round Two’s voting consists of a super daunting panel of judges will be picking the most favorable FIVE novels of the THIRTEEN that made it through Round One. But you can play a part too! Even though popular vote isn’t the main criteria for making it though this round, it does still hold some water! The Round Two contestants had to submit a cover sheet, an explanation of what the cover of their novel was supposed to convey. That’s where you all come in! I would love for you all to vote for my cover sheet! It would go a long way towards me making it through to Round Three, and I’d be very much appreciative!

My computer went bonkers, and mixed up my manuscripts, so I ended up submitting a choppy unfinished draft for the judges perusal!! I could use all of the help I can get! Many thanks are to be had for those of you who do, and there are Synergy prizes in it for you as well if you guess the Round Two winners correctly!

You can vote for the Round Two cover sheets –here– and enter for the Synergy prize!

Wish me luck, Audience!

Signing off,