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Ryker closed his eyes. His heart was lodged in this throat as he felt the wind zipping through his hair like he was on a motorcycle. Only motorcycles didn’t bound over fallen trees or give off the steady thrum of pounding paw pads against moist forest ground…or ride in forests at all for that matter.

I’m riding on a werewolf. The more he said it, the less real it sounded. I am a werewolf. That sounded even worse.

A change in scenery cut off Ryker’s thoughts as Leighton broke through the last of the forestry into a back road. He didn’t notice the area, but he could tell that it was late enough that most people would be inside already, possibly even in bed.

Leighton darted expertly through the back roads, careful to make sure that they only traversed the areas where the street lights had already been destroyed. They were eerily silent, Ryker noticed, Leighton staying on the pads of her paws, moving soundlessly through the shadows.

This route was taking too long, and the Hunt was already on their tail. Leighton could feel the Ryodan searching for her, her fur standing up on end, an instinct urging her to return to her Hunt. All werewolves had it, and rarely ignored it as she was right now. Would it get worse the more she ran? She didn’t know, and had no choice but to find out.

After what seemed like an immensely long time, Leighton heard the rush of water ahead. They’d made it to the bank, she shifted south, and when the residential area petered out, she tore off at full speed down the bank to where the water was shallow enough to cross with little incident.

“We have to cross that, don’t we?” Ryker asked grimly.

Leighton chuffed a confirmation and sent up a mental apology to him. The water would be cold, and he didn’t have a few layers of thick fur to shield him from the worst of it. When the rushing waters began to thin, Leighton dashed in.

Ryker let out a slicing gasp. “Holy God!” He let out a few more choice epithets as Leighton waded slowly through the shallows of the river. “God, Leighton, just go already!”

Leighton leaped into the deeper part of the river, and soon she had to dog paddle to keep both of their heads above water. Ryker’s hold was firmer than ever, and he vibrated against Leighton’s back as one violent shiver racked his body after another. She swam faster.

When they got to the other side, Leighton crouched on the bank. Ryker rolled off, shivering and sputtering. Leighton whined softly, nudging his side.

“I’m f-f-fine,” he stuttered. “J-just…c-c-cold.”

Leighton stalked away, and Ryker saw her shake her fur dry. It looked too much like his dog–Hero–did after Ryker gave him a bath. He tried to laugh, but couldn’t passed the chattering of his teeth.

Leighton hurried back over to Ryker’s side and scooped him up, so that he could lay against her flank. She knew it would be uncomfortable, but she was warmer than him, and it was the only way she could think to help him before hypothermia set in.

It took some time, but eventually Ryker stopped shivering. Leighton had no problem with resting for a while longer. Crossing the river had covered their scent, so the Ryodan should be thrown off their trail for the time being.

“Thanks,” Ryker muttered, turning over to face Leighton. He was still soaked from the swim, but the water was body temperature thanks to Leighton’s warmer than normal body.

Leighton let out a huff of acknowledgement, raising her head from where it laid on her paws.

“We can keep going, if you want,” Ryker said. “I’m fine now, and plus I don’t know what time it is. If it’s too late, my mom will freak.”

Leighton looked up at the moon’s position in the sky. From where it hung, she could tell that it was still relatively early in the night, maybe ten or eleven at the latest. The trip to Ryker’s home was more than half-way over, but they still needed time to gather clothing. Leighton agreed that it was time to move.

Ryker stood gingerly, making sure that he didn’t catch frostbite or something. After a few warm up stretches, he seemed just fine. “All right. Let’s do it, to it, Lei.”

Leighton brushed affectionately against Ryker’s side before she sank to a crouch. Fast learner that he was, Ryker hopped onto Leighton’s back with ease this time. After he latched onto Leighton’s back, she took off in the direction of the school.

Ryker began to notice some of the landmarks that Leighton was darting by; the basketball courts at the South End park, the corner store that one of his friends was banned from for trying to steal beer, the library that Leighton went to nearly everyday after school for a quiet place to study. They were here.

Ryker leaned forward, talking into Leighton’s ear. “Okay, I know where we are. You have to make a left up here soon, and once you pass the dumpster cluster, keep straight.”

The dumpster what? Leighton rounded the corner and was bounding down the street when the stench hit her. It turned out that “the dumpster cluster” was exactly that. A collection of dumpsters sat behind a gated area, filled with loads of trash that overflowed onto the ground. Leighton didn’t know when the dumpers had been cleaned last, but it hadn’t been any time recently. She scrunched her nose and ran passed it.

After a few more yards of running, Ryker said, “Okay, now you see these rows of houses here? Turn left again there, and it’ll take you down an alley. My house is the grey one on the right.”

Leighton followed the directions, and they ended up stationed behind a bush in the back yard of Ryker’s house.

“Here we are,” Ryker said, hopping off of Leighton’s back. The ground felt cool and soft under his bare feet, and he realized with a detached sort of amusement that he had no clue where his shoes had gone.

He turned to Leighton and found that he could barely see the in the darkness. “Whoa, now I see what you mean by knowing how to keep yourself hidden. I can hardly see you, and you’re standing right next to me.”

Leighton stalked off with a huff, truly disappearing behind another set of bushes to Change.

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