Happy first 7 days if 2013, Audience!!!

Welcome back to my 365/365 Challenge!!!

Wow! A week! Can you believe it! 7 days/7 pages!!! I’m so excited!

If you haven’t read the beginning of my journey, I’d just hate for you to be confused about what’s going on. Luckily, I have this nifty little Directory Page, found –here– so that can catch up!

Prepare to have the urge to rip your eyes our, fellow OCD readers, for the amount of typos you will encounter in this passage is going to BLOW YOUR MIND! At some point here soon, I may decide to go in and edit it properly, but for now I’m just going to let it ride =3

I now present to you Page 7 of my 365 page book.


Ryker embraced Leighton gently, as if she were the one that was easy to break. Leighton couldn’t help but lean into his hug, seeking comfort. Even now, after the Hell she’d thrown him into, he was calm, the rock in the hectic river. She’d always liked that about him.

Whether it be trying out for a new sport, or studying for finals, Ryker was always sure that he’d succeed, and that’s why he’d always filled Leighton with such joy. To see the flush of exertion on his face after a win, or watch him as he and his friends cheered and jeered after comparing scores on the latest math test, his happiness was as brilliant as the sun. And she’d ruined it.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Ryker whispered, softly petting the side of her neck.

She hadn’t noticed it at first, but she’d began whining. She backed away, silently cursing herself. Werewolves do not show weakness! Leighton heard the distant memory, and the pain that followed it. She had to keep moving, or worse was bound to happen.

As if on cue, Ryker patted his hands on his thighs and said, “So, now what?”

Leighton nodded, shaking off the cobwebs of the past. She turned and sank into a crouch, beckoning Ryker with her snout.

Ryker was still had no clue how to understand wolf-speak, and it took him a while to realize she wanted him to mount her. “Oh, I, uh…is that safe?” Leighton groaned at him. “I know, I know, we don’t have time to wonder.”

He walked over and awkwardly grabbed a tuft of her flank. “I don’t know how to do this safely,” he said sheepishly after some failed maneuvering. “I’ve never even ridden a horse before.”

With another groan, Leighton turned, scooping Ryker up over her shoulder before he realized what was happening.

“What–hey!” he shouted, but before he could protest further, he realized that he was on her back, however sloppily. “Oh, thanks.”

Ryker righted himself, coiling his arms around Leighton’s great next and taking handfuls of fur in his hands. He found that underneath the tough overcoat, the fur closer to Leighton’s skin was soft like baby hair. “O-okay. I’m ready.”

Leighton let out a huff, and set off at a trot. She kept along the treeline, knowing that she be able to cross the road at this slow of a speed without the high risk of drawing attention. She wanted to make sure she didn’t catch him off guard. If he got too startled, he could let go and get hurt. She tested his hold, leaping over fallen trunks and maneuvering around closely grown trees. His hold stayed firm.

Ryker laughed. “You don’t have to test me, you know? I won’t fall off.”

Leighton huffed her laugh. We’ll see… Without delay, she shot out across the road.

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