Good morning, Audience!

Today marks another milestone: me highly recommending authors to my amazing readers! I’ve seen other more experienced bloggers doing this, and thought, “Why not?”

So today, I’d love to praise the wonderful and talented and amazing and…well, so many other great things Laurell K. Hamilton!

Yes, the world-reknown New York Times Best Selling author, Laurell K. Hamilton. If you’ve heard of her before now, I’m not surprised, she is famous after all!

Laurell K. Hamilton‘s staple is mainly Paranormal Romance/Fiction/Erotica.

Best known for her Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter and Meredith Gentry series, LKH was been blessing us with paranormal brilliance for 20 years! That’s my age! It’s amazing to publish a book, phenomenal even. It’s even more amazing to have readers like said published book, and be willing to recommend it to their peers. But to do all of that repeatedly for 20 years straight? Nothing short of euphoric! And she has achieved that.

I was introduced to the LKH books in my Sophomore year of high school. The first Anita Blake novel, Guilty Pleasures, came highly recommended from one of my friends at the time. I was in a bit of a vampire phase, having just read The Silver Kiss, so I decided to give it a shot.

Fell. In. Love.

Mrs. Hamilton’s main character, Anita Blake, had a sass and edge that I had never experienced before in my previous reads. Coupled with the thrill and mystery of police work and a few choice paranormal powers of her own, Anita Blake embarks on many suspenseful   journeys that leave the reader on the edge of their seat!

LKH branded a home for herself in my mind, from then on out. I had the first four books of the Anita Blake series read in one sitting, and I would have made it further if the library didn’t have the next few reserved.

While I waited for my turn with the rest of the AB novels, I picked up the first Meredith Gentry novel, A Kiss of Shadows…and wasn’t able to put it down. Once again, LKH was able to draw me in with her wit and sass, her sense of thrill and adventure forcing me to turn the page.

I currently own all of the AB and MG novels to date, as well as many of Laurell’s anthologies and short stories. I’ve read through the AB series eight times, and the MG series 5!! They’re that good.

When any of you get the chance, and/or are into Paranormal Romance/Fiction/Erotica, please please please take the time to read Laurel K. Hamilton’s works. You will not be disappointed.

If you’ve read her stories before, I’d love to know how you feel about her writing!

Happy reading, Audience!

Signing off,