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That’s all for now! I present to you Page 6 of my 365 page book.


Ryker hadn’t noticed that he’d backed up until his hands slapped against a tree trunk. His breath was coming in short pants, as if he’d just run a marathon. Leighton just turned into…a wolf. The though wafted aimlessly through his mind, finding no foothold in the logic that fought fiercely with his sight.

A wolf…

Where Leighton had once crouched, now stood a humongous wolf. That was the only way Ryker could describe it. He’d never seen a wolf in person, but from the ones he’d seen and read about in books, they were never this big. He had a feeling even at his six-foot frame, the wolf would nearly be able to touch shoulders with him.

The wolf’s fur was a solid black like tar, and the moonlight that gleamed brightly off of its flank stung Ryker’s eyes. It was a color that he only associated with Leighton. “L….Lei?”

The wolf nodded its massive head and took a slow, cautious step forward. Ryker moved to take a step back, but the tree stopped him.

Leighton noticed his recoil and stopped her transit. She wouldn’t hurt him, but how was he to know that? A deep sadness swelled in her chest. How could I bring him into this? she wept mentally. Despite her forlorn state, she didn’t cry. Wolves weren’t able to.

It was Leighton. It had to be. Ryker stared into the canine’s eyes, the iris a shade so light that the moon washed it out. They were an eerie sight of whites and pupil, and it was unnerving, but deep down, Ryker still knew that this was the girl he’d been running with only a short while ago. “Leighton…Leighton Nightsong…is that you?”

Leighton dipped her head once more, but instead of taking another step, she laid down in front of him. I won’t hurt you…I won’t hurt you, she chanted to herself, willing Ryker to understand how harmless a giant wolf can be.

“Lei,” he gasped suddenly. Like a water balloon falling out of the sky, the reality of what was happening finally hit him, startling him out of his dazed state.

Leighton laid her head on her paws, waiting patiently even as the skittering of night life halted. The owls were no longer hooting in their trees, the rodents were no longer rustling. The Hunt was drawing nearer. She willed herself to keep from fidgeting. She’d get no further than this if Ryker didn’t trust her.

Ryker stared down at her. “Lei…you’re a wolf,” he stated dumbly, and mentally kicked himself. Of course she’s a wolf. Did she spend all night telling you exactly that? he chided to himself.

She huffed mildly, a wolf’s closest ally to a chuckle.

“Okay.” Ryker took a deep breath, steadying his whirring mind. “Okay, so you’re a werewolf. Got it. And…I guess so am I, right?” Leighton nodded again. “Okay. So…now what? I mean, what do we do now?”

Leighton stood slowly, breath escaping in a relieved sigh. She was happy that he understood so quickly, but kept her eyes downcast and submissive so as not to startle him. She took another slow step forward, and when he didn’t try to run, she took that as an invitation to get closer.

Ryker had always been much taller than her. Since she was 5’4″ in human form, most people were, but in this form, she stood almost eye-to-eye with him. She could smell his apprehension curling off of him in waves and fought to ignore it. Fear spiked a certain urge in werewolves that would not help the situation right now.

She dipped her head so that he was taller and let out a small whine, permission to touch her.

At first, Ryker was confused, but when Leighton nudged his arm with her snout, he raised his hand.

Her fur was coarse to the touch as he placed his hand on the top of her head. It was awkward for the both of them. Leighton normally hated being pet like a dog, and Ryker only knew how a dog liked to be pet. He tried scratching her behind the ears, but it proved to odd, so he settled for running his hand over her head in between her ears.

Leighton exhaled softly, her breath whispering across Ryker’s bare chest, and even he could feel Leighton’s profound sadness. A sadness so pure and raw; the type he’d only seen Leighton feel.

“Oh God, Leighton,” he whispered sorrowfully. “It really is you.”

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