Welcome back, Audience!

Today I have one booger of a subject to present to you today: Plot bunnies.

Most of the writers reading this blog know that a plot bunny is an idea for a story that refuses to go away until it’s written, even when it doesn’t fit anywhere in the story!!

Have you guys had this issue? I’d love to know that I’m not the only one who tears their hair out over these little mongrels.

My worst plot bunny infestation was actually this passed NaNoWriMo. Plot bunnies just popped up. These two should get married, he should get kidnapped, and that vampyre should die. I tried my hardest to ignore them, but when I ignored one, two more popped up! And they continue to do so, multiplying like–well, bunnies.

I try to talk them down, but it’s like talking to a wall!

Me: Doo-daah-doo-daah-doo, just writing my story. It’s so awesome!
*suddenly, a wild plot bunny appears*
Plot Bunny: Ohh, watcha writin’ there?
Me: Oh, nothing. You see, these two characters are my Main Characters, Samantha and Kameron. They hunt vampyres, and–
Plot Bunny: They should get married.
Me: Oh….no, sorry. They aren’t like that. They are best friends, nothing more.
*suddenly, another plot bunny appears*
Plot Bunny 2: Wouldn’t it be awesome if one of yur main characters DIED?!!
Plot Bunny 1: Oh, yes, yes! Make one of ’em die!
Me: -_-;; No, plot bunnies. They cannot die.
*suddenly, a third plot bunny appears*
Plot Bunny 3: Kameron, huh? He seems kidnappable. He should be kidnapped.
Plot Bunny 1: Kidnap…BRILLIANT! He must be kidnapped! Make this happen, NOW!
Plot Bunny 2: Yayyyy! Kidnap!
Me: O.o; N-no! Guys? No, he’s not supposed to be kidnapped! You can’t just take my story and–
Me: *shakes fist in anger* Darn you, plot bunnies!!

If you ever get around to reading my 2012 NaNoNovel, you will find a quaint little kidnap scene that wasn’t intended to be there before.

How do you all deal with plot bunnies? My best remedy? Fanfiction.

Fanfiction, or as I like to call it, “Pest Control”. Plot bunnies want your main characters to be married, turn homosexual, get run over by a truck? Write a little fanfic about it! It shuts them right up!

Me: *stares warily over my shoulder* Okay, the coast is clear..*begins writing*
*a wild plot bunny appears* 
Plot Bunny: Oh, hey there buddy! You know what would be awesome? Aliens! Add that now
Me: O.o…..
*thirty minutes later*
Me: Here. (>○w○)>[]
Plot Bunny: O.o….What is this?
Me: It’s what you asked for, isn’t it? Aliens?
Plot Bunny: Yes, but it’s not…in your story…
Me: Ha! Of course not! But it is, however, in my fanfiction.
Plot Bunny: Fanfiction!? NOOOOOO!!! *shakes fist in anger*

So there you have it. If those evil little plot bunnies try to commandeer your stories anytime soon, just write up a good old-fashioned fanfiction, and your story will be back on track!

Happy plot bunny extermination, Audience!

Signing off,