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Onward and upward! I now present to you Page 5 of my 365 page book.


The Change was always agonizing.

Bone snapped, skin shifted, muscle tore and reformed so that human could become wolf.

Leighton knew this, but it didn’t stop a small cry of pain from escaping before she pursed her lips. I’ll never get used to this, she thought.

She could feel the warm weight of the Change as it washed over her skin like blood, but still her body protested. Changing twice in one night was taxing even for the strongest werewolf, and she knew that she was nowhere near that strong.

Bones cracked loudly, echoing into the night. She felt her limbs break in on themselves, her fingers shorten into paws. She bowed her back as her entire body convulsed in wave upon wave of pain.

To take he mind off of the Change, she thought of Ryker. She had never Changed in front of anyone other than her Raja. She thought about what Ryker must be thinking. Would he be astonished? Scared? Repulsed?

I must look disgusting, Leighton thought sadly. Her fretting mixed with the pain of the Change, making it worse. She decided to cut off her thought process until the change had finished.

The worst part of the Change was the face. Leighton could feel the small stabs of her canines elongating, the snap of her nose and jaws as they lengthened into a snout, the bulging and contorting of her eyes as they became a wolf’s sense. A warm trickle of blood dripped from her chin from the nosebleed that had always came with her Changes, and she tasted the coppery saltiness as it came into contact with her newly sensitive taste buds.

Then the itchiness started. It sizzled just beneath the last pangs of the Change, an annoyance more than anything. It started at the tips of Leighton, her nose, her ears, as well as her newly formed paws and tail. It then spread all over her body, like several dozen flea bites all at once. She stayed perfectly still, relieved. She knew that it was finally done. The itching ended with the sprout of whiskers on her face, and the rush of fur as it freed itself from the confines of her body. It was over.

The pain never lasted. As soon as the Change was finished, Leighton always felt a heady buzz of energy that gave her the urge to run and jump and play, healthier than ever. She could hear the sounds of the night; and owl hooting as it swooped in on it’s prey, the mice and other rodents skittering under the brush to dodge, the city sounds as distant as New York City. Her mind urged her to become one with the night, to bound and leap and chase the mice with the owls…maybe catch and owl too. She knew that there were more pressing matters, and she fought with her instinct.

She settled for a thorough stretch, relaxing her new muscles and swishing her tail. With a deep huff of the cool night air, she turned slowly to Ryker.

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