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Leighton dropped onto all fours, legs spread.

Ryker scrambled backwards, a blaze of embarrassment spreading across his cheeks. “W-what are you doing?” he stammered, trying not to stare.

In no way did Leighton feel dignified. She could feel Ryker’s embarrassment, which only made matters worse. “I’m Changing.” She allowed her body momentary calm against the stressful situation she was in, and the first itch of the Change sizzled across her spine.

“Changing? You mean, like, into a wolf?”

“Yes,” she exhaled. She flexed her fingers and tensed her shoulders, relieving them of some tautness. The Change would go smoother the looser her body was.

“Y-you…Wait! You can’t just do that right now!” Ryker sounded incredulous. He still didn’t believe in what Leighton was saying, she could tell.

“You’re interrupting the Change, Ryker,” Leighton warned. “I need you to remain silent, or this is really going to hurt.”

Ryker didn’t know how to reply, so he stayed quiet, watching warily. Part of him wanted to believe Leighton’s words. He’d always loved reading about the paranormal; vampires, ghosts, demons, werewolves, but to him there were just imaginative fiction novels. Of course he’d wondered what life would be like if they were real, but it was only a passing bout of musing, like when his friends asked him if he’d do embarrassing things for a million dollars. They never really happened. But he couldn’t stop himself from wondering if Leighton would go through all of this just to lead him on, and if so, what for? She would if she was a nut-job… Ryker quickly waved the thought away.

Leighton had always been down-to-earth. Real, unlike so many of the other girls he’d expected to meet in high school. She moved with a steady grace that made the other students take a second glance, and with an air of certainty that made her seem untouchable. She seemed so strong and independent, not vying for anyone and everyone’s attention, and no one Ryker’s age was used to that. Boys stayed away, but stared from afar, girls were envious that she got so much attention, and Leighton didn’t care about any of it. They are just intimidated by her, Ryker would tell himself.

She was likable at the worst of times, radiantly charismatic at the best. That was how he always knew her to be. They’d met freshman year after the school’s first football game. He remembered her vibrant shouting, captain of the cheerleading squad. They’d won the game, and he was convinced they couldn’t have without her support and enthusiasm to encourage the team to be more than they could ever hope to be without her.

The after game celebration went on at his friend, Adam’s house, and after a load of shouting and shoving with his teammates, Ryker found himself shoving through the front door to get some air. There, on the porch swing nursing a plastic cup of soda, was Leighton. He first noticed the way she sat, back straight and tall, as confident as she was about everything he’d seen her do. Her head was inclined at the sky, gazing at the moon as it shined off of her ink black hair. It was longer then, flowing down her back, but she cut it off at the end of that school year.

“What are you doing out here?” he recalled asking her. “There’s a party going on in our honor. You should be celebrating with us.”

She turned pleasantly to see him standing at the door. A small smile lit her lips and set Ryker’s heart hammering. “Musing,” she’d replied.

“Musing?” Ryker repeated dumbly. He never knew how to talk to girls, as his friends would rush to point out every time he flubbed a come-on.

She’d nodded. “It’s amazing, you know, what brings us all together. Music, laughter, cheering,” she chuckled, “even scoring touchdowns. I never cease to be in awe about the amount of happiness that can be wrought with a smile or positive attitude.” She looked back up at the moon. “I love cheering. I love making people happy. I love the brotherhood that forms between one person and another in a jovial setting. I love being one of the proud few that can make such brotherhoods form.” She grew sad. “But…what if I couldn’t always do that. What if I could no longer make others happy? Do you know, that I would be crushed? It breaks my heart just thinking about it.” She looked down into the cup as if there were tea leaves to read her future in it rather than flat generic soda. “I should stop rambling,” she added sheepishly.

Ryker hadn’t noticed how entranced he was by her words until she’d stopped saying them. “Oh…no! You weren’t rambling. I even kind of get it. Happiness is great. I mean, without it, are we even human?”

Leighton’s head snapped up at his comment, and it took Ryker’s breath away at how stunning she looked unguarded by her complicated thoughts. “Exactly,” she breathed.

They talked, sitting out on the silent front porch, for the rest of the evening. When the party began to disperse, one of Leighton’s cheermates–Cassidy, Ryker recalled–had stepped out onto the porch, stating that the cheerleading carpool was leaving. Cassidy then ushered Leighton towards a car. In the rush, Leighton turned awkwardly and waved at Ryker. As she turned to walk away into the night, he knew he’d fallen for her.

Proud. Confident. Happy. Complicated. Perfect. Leighton was the physical manifestation of them all. None of those words were cohesive with Crazy. Ryker had a long time to realize who she was, and one night, even one as far-fetched as tonight, wasn’t going to change that. So with a deep breath and an open mind, he watched quietly as the first shudder overtook Leighton’s body.

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