Greetings, Audience!

NaNo-Virtuosos '2013 Badge

Starting at Midnight, round two of Curiosity Quills’ NaNo-Virtuosos Competition is underway! In the style of everyone’s favorite little green Jedi, Yoda, “Calm and confident, I am not.” I am seriously shivering in my boots. I’ve read all of my competitors passages and MAN! They are crazy great authors! Wish me luck! If I happen to be cut at the end of this round, I could feel no less honored than I do now to have pitted my novel against such amazing writers! ROCK ON, US!

If you’d like to see the goings on of the competition, just head on over to the Curiosity Quills website (linked –HERE– for convenience), and check it out!

Now the other stuff!
I’ve been wondering about a few things in my personal life, and how they hinder me from fulfilling my goals. I’m hoping that you guys can relate to it, an maybe even give me some pointers to overcome my faults.

How do you guys write yourself out of a rut? As stated before, I read so many great works in a day, and that can be pretty intimidating. They inspire me, make me strive to write something better every day, but then other times, I can’t help but wonder, “Will I ever be that good?”
How do you guys overcome intimidation?

I also tend to procrastinate. I’m currently supposed to be polishing my NaNo-Virtuosos entry, but this blog is the result of procrastinating! I know consciously that I am slacking, but I can’t bring myself to put the pedal to the metal and pound out some words!
What do you all do to stop yourselves from procrastinating?

Plot bunnies. Evil little buggers. They take my story and gobble it up, spitting out drivel that is in NO WAY what I was planning to write!! Sometimes it get down right frustrating!
Has this ever happened to you? If so, how do you combat it?

I’m a shy writer. I really hate it when my significant other tried to read my works while they are still WIPs. I get super flustered when I am asked to share an excerpt, and I feel that holds me back from a lot of opportunities.
How do you overcome literary stage fright?

If you guys could help me with any of these writerly issues, I would be so much obliged! Oh, and in thanks, if you have any writerly issues in turn that you’d like to share with me, I’m more than happy to help out in any way that I can!

Thank you for all of your help, Audience!

Signing off,