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Leighton led Ryker through the thick of the forestry, through small streams and mud to cover their scent. When she finally rested at the edge of civilization, they were both filthy and winded. Every rustle, every snap of a branch felt like the Hunt was closing in on them. Leighton could feel the pull of the Hunt, willing her to face her Raja with dignity and explain her case to him rationally. She ignored it.

“We have to keep moving,” she declared.

Ryker, still catching his breath, stood doubled over, hands placed firmly on his knees. “We aren’t exactly dressed for the remainder of this trip.”

Leighton could see the dim glow of street lights that signified the edge of the forest. The lights were drowned out periodically by the passing of cars, the air tainted with a carbon monoxide pollution that was unknown to the forest.

With a sigh, she nodded. “You’re right We need clothes. Do you know where we are?”

Ryker looked at her blankly. “No. Should I?”

A shudder ran up Leighton’s back. “We’re in a state park 20 miles east from school.”

That same blank look stayed upon Ryker’s face. “How’d we get so far from the Plains?”

“You live near there, right?” Leighton asked, ignoring his inquiry. She couldn’t help but sound a bit impatient. Aside from the musky scent of confusion wafting from him, she could scent little else emotion from him. He didn’t truly understand the danger they were in, but how could he?

Ryker nodded cautiously. “Yeah.”

“Good,” Leighton amended. “We should go to your place for clothing.” She turned towards the road.

Ryker started. “Wait, what? No. I have family, Leighton. A little sister, parents, a dog. We can’t just go sauntering into my home looking like this.”

She waved her hand at his concern. “It’ll be no problem for me to get into a window.”

“My room is on the second floor,” Ryker retorted.

“I’ll climb.”

He crossed his arms. “You’re going to crawl through my bedroom window and steal my clothes without no one in the neighborhood seeing you?”

“You didn’t even know werewolves existed until today, Ryker. We know how to keep ourselves hidden.”

Ryker noticed that Leighton had a primal fierceness about her tonight that he had never noticed before. He wondered if she’d be like this the next time he saw her naked. “Okay, okay, whatever you say. How are we getting there? You said it was 20 miles away. It’d take hours to walk, and we can hardly hitchhike.”

Leighton looked up at the half moon peeking through the thinning foliage. “I guess it’s about time I give you some proof.”

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