Okay! Hello Audience!

I announced earlier today that I would be taking on a challenge!! A 365 page book, 1 page a day, for the entire year of 2013! Crazy, right!?

Well, I was thinking of the way I’d go about doing this, and since it’s not technically my blog itself, but I’ll be posting it here, I ought to distinguish it from my normal blog posts! So, I will be labeling these particular “challenge” posts in a “.1 manner” Example: my last most was post #5, so this post will be post 5.1…or should it be 5.5? Ack! Decisions.

Prepare to have the urge to rip your eyes our, fellow OCD readers, for the amount of typos you will encounter in this passage is going to BLOW YOUR MIND! At some point here soon, I may decide to go in and edit it properly, but for now I’m just going to let it ride =3

Oh well, I’ll figure it out! Without further ado, I present to you Page 1 of my 365 page book.

Ryker’s blurry vision wavered in and out of consciousness, and he was painfully aware of the headache splitting his skull in half. He felt the coolness of Spring grass and moist earth seeping through his plain black T-shirt. He was on his back. What happened? he wondered distantly. He slowly assessed his surroundings, recalling what little he learned in his Sophomore Wellness class. “Move the ENTIRE upper body, not just the neck, or you risk further injury to the cranium.” What teacher was that again? It didn’t matter. He made sure not to move his neck, taking in the moon shining in the clear night sky, stars scattered like glitter on his little sisters science fair project. A soft, cool wind ruffled his sandy blonde hair, long passed due for a trim. That same light wind breezed over his chest, and he felt it tickling against his nipples. Not possible, he thought. He could feel his shirt pressed against him on the ground below.

Before he could further inquire about the abnormality, he heard a squeaking chatter off to his side. Focusing on the noise, he could tell it was a voice, and a high pitch one at that. It set his brain on fire, grating like nails on a chalkboard. As slowly as he could, he propped himself up on his elbows. The squeaking ceased, then shattered the night as the voice shouted, “Oh GOD, Ryker! You’re awake! OH GOD!!”

Hands helped him raise gingerly to a sitting, and the unmistakable aroma of blood laced the night. The wind caressed his unmistakably bare chest, and he allowed his head to loll forward in an attempt to stave off pain, but to no avail. He half expected his head to roll away from his shoulders; half wanted it to happen, too. The pain was too immense, and despite further agony, he threw his body to the side, heaving his guts onto the ground.

Frantic hands patted Ryker in odd places and succeeded in doing nothing more than annoying him. “Stop…touching…me.”

The hands ceased, but the chatter took its place. “Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. This wasn’t supposed to happen. The moon it’s not…Oh, God. Oh, God! What so I say? What do I do!” The girl’s voice drones on like a paranoid squirrel, and Ryker could see her pacing in the pale moonlight at the periphery of his vision.

Turning slowly, he looked up painfully at the fretting around what looked to be a clearing in some rural area. He didn’t know there were places like this in New York, but he could hear the distant city traffic as soon as he thought to listen for it. They weren’t far from civilization. Unfortunately, he knew they weren’t going towards it any time soon. The girl was naked, and not just a high school boy’s fantasy of naked: bra and panties still warn, but slipping dangerously and teasingly. She was truly naked, clothing nowhere to be found. Blood spattered her body in intervals, smearing along her collar bone, and down the left swell of her breast. She looked off in the distance towards the sounds of city life, her eyes glowing ethereally in the moonlight. Shoulder length black hair matted with blood stuck to her jawline. He wanted to dwell on the feral attraction he felt towards the girl in from of him, but something seemingly more important clouded his priorities. He knew who she was. What was her name again?

His head pounded with the effort of thought. “Lee…leah…”

The girl looked down at Ryker, confusion painting her face. “Ryker?” He took a step toward him, leaning to smooth a lank tress of hair back from his face. “Honey, it’s me. Leighton.”

Leighton. So that was her name. He remembered who she was. His almost girlfriend. She’d asked him, because he was too much of a coward to ask her. They were supposed or go on their first date soon. Or was that tonight? “Leighton….Lei, what happened.”

The panic that had began to recede filled Leighton’s eyes once more, her eyes widening in a frantic fear. “This wasn’t supposed to happen, Ryker, you have to believe me. I don’t know. This is bad, like, really bad. If you died–”

“Died?” Ryker’s head was pounding. “I’m not dead.”

Leighton looked into Ryker’s eyes, terror alight within them. “In a way, that’s worse,” she whispered.

The breeze picked up, and Ryker could feel his nipples hardening under the Spring gusts. “What do you mean?” He looked down at his chest and could see the impression his heart made against his skin as it sped in fear. He was covered in blood, he shirt torn away to viciously that he wore it like a jacket. There were no wounds on his skin, but he had a sick feeling that the blood was still his. He looked back up at Leighton in a fear that mirrored her own. “What’s going on?”

Leighton’s features gave way to sympathy and sadness. “Ry…I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened. I just…” She let the sentence drift off, raising her blood-bathed hand to Ryker’s face again.

Ryker caught her hand before she made contact. “What’s going on?”

Leighton stood, pulling her hand from his grip. “Ryker, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I didn’t want you to know…”

“Know what?!” The racket of shouting cracked against Ryker’s skull like a hammer, but he fought to ignore it.

“That…” Leighton took a deep breath. “Ryker, I’m a werewolf.” Sympathy filled her eyes once more as she met Ryker’s gaze. “And now, so are you.”

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