Hello, potentially new readers! 

Well, this whole blogging thing is new to me, so I’ll start with a few things about myself and what is to be expected from this blog if you so choose to read it! 😀

Greetings! My name is Tavia Armstrong, but I’ll be signing off as either T.A, Kiryuu, or Panda, depending on the type of post: T.A. for my authorly things, Kiryuu (or a variation thereof) for my everyday slice-of-life postings, and Panda (or a variation thereof) for anything other than my authorly dabblings that are of literary significance. If this becomes confusing to any of you, just let me know~

Let me start by saying pleased to meet you all, and thank you for choosing to read/follow/embark on the journey that is my blog. I’m happy to have you!

About me:

  • Well, I’m from Atlantic City, New Jersey; currently residing in Tennessee. I am currently 20 years old, and going to school for Astrophysics!
  • I’m a starving literary artist, and hope to some day become published and make writing my full time job!
  • In my free time, I like to play League of Legends, read, write poetry/novels/short stories, read, draw, watch anime/read manga, sing, read, play instruments, go to the occasional Anime convention, stalk Facebook, and did I mention that I have a little fondness for reading?
  • Oh, and speaking of instruments, I play the violin and piano. Admittedly, I’m a novice, but it’s still pretty fun because I’m getting better every day!
  • My favorite books to read are Paranormal (Adult) Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, and Paranormal (Y/A) Fiction. My favorite genres to write are Paranormal (Adult) Fiction, Paranormal (Y/A) fiction, Poetry, Young Adult Fiction, and Literary Fiction, in that order.
  • My favorite color is purple, and I have an immense love for pandas (big surprise :P).

What to Expect:

As hinted at earlier in the post, I will be using this blog for a plethora of things. Whether it be posting a preview to the latest literary work I’m writing, to me being really excited the day I finally get published, or simply a funny joke that I want to share with you, the reader, I’ll be posting it here for you all to peruse.

So, that’s just about all there is to know about me! I hope that you all enjoy reading the random ramblings that I post on here from time to time.

~Tavia Armstrong.

Official Post #1- NaNoWriMo ’12!!!


Now! To those of you that partake in the glorious world of literary goings-on, you either have heard of, participated in and/or WON NaNoWriMo! You will have also known, it being December 2nd, that NaNoWriMo has passed for yet another year only two days ago. During that time, I have the amazing honor to have won it for the 7th year in a row!! But for me, the biggest accomplishment wasn’t pounding out 50K in 30 days. My greatest accomplishment was, in fact, the friends I made while doing it. In the years before, I’d just sit at my computer and type, huddled in a dark corner in my room, bringing an obsessive façade to the phrase “literary abandon”. This year, I decided to become apart of the NaNoWriMo Facebook group. It was one of the best decisions I’d ever made.

I never knew how much I was missing out by not joining a community like this. I mean, sure, I’d go to the occasional write-in, but I never had any intentions to make friends. Honestly, I mostly went just to prove to my Mom that I wasn’t a hermit (but I totally was). But when friend of mine joined, beckoning me along, I finally gave in. I was feeling a little bit down, as my dog had just eaten my flash drive, which had ALL of my literary works on it, NaNo and otherwise. The stories and poems that I had worked n so hard for YEARS, gone. My heart shattered. I inquired about what to do to get over the pain in the group, not expecting a response, but happy to spill my thoughts somewhere. the response was staggering. People who I’d never even met, who knew nothing more about me than the name in blue over my comment, and i felt my sadness mimicked in their words. I could tell that they felt my pain. They comforted me, saying that everything would be okay, and the best way to take my mind off of the pain was to create an even better world that the ones that were lost. I agreed, re-energized  but the enthusiasm left me again once my fingers touched the keyboard on November 1st. It was only with the vibrant coaxing of my fellow NaNomites (my special name for all of you NaNoWriMo participants out there), marinating my love for writing day after day throughout November, that I was able to fulfill my promise of making a story that I was proud of. And they were right; I’d soon forgotten all about my flash drive, and even thinking back on it today, I see it as a lesson learned and not a heart-breaking phenomenon  BACK UP YOUR WORK! BACK IT UP IN TEN DIFFERENT PLACES, THEN PRINT OFF A HARD COPY AND HIDE IT IN A SAFE!!! Anywho, through it all, these people from all sorts of different walks of life came together in mourning with me like we’d been friends for a long, long time, even though I’d only met them only seconds before. And that mutual connection grew to some of the most amazing friendships that I’ve ever had the pleasure of acquiring. So I’ll say to you today, if there is something that you love to do without a shadow of a doubt, go to the ends of the earth to find a community that not only loves it as much as you, but is willing to love it with you. It’ll make a world of difference, and in the end, you’ll be all the better a person because of it.

And so on the back of that, I ask you all, do you participate in the 30 days of literary abandon? If, so for how many years? Have you won? How many times? Do you partake in a NaNoWriMo community? Tell me if you like it, hate it, made any friends because of it, anything about it that you feel like sharing! My ears are open~

Signing off,